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  1. wildfoot94:

    battle of the bigfoots

    i was watching that earlyer.wat was that event lookin like they raceing on a air strip or something
  2. wildfoot94:

    samson 1

    you look at don mables and you look at bill murray you think they could go for twins.
  3. wildfoot94:

    myrtle beach 1990

    i was watching that race,and was thinking how cool would it be if they used the whole race track
  4. wildfoot94:

    digger flags

    wat year did dennis debute the famous gravedigger crossbone flags.
  5. wildfoot94:

    leslie anderson

    i been thinkin about this alot.if les anderson is dennis brother why hadnt dennis mention leslie in interveiws and documentarys.leslie was a great driver and deserve to have credit that dennis haves is leslie still around.
  6. wildfoot94:

    car killer and killer

    aint butct lowe of car killers tank and charlie lowe of killer puller are brothers i was just asking
  7. wildfoot94:


    watever happen to monster truck madness 3 did microsoft desided just throw the whole project away or something cause the last time i heard was on the old monster style site.
  8. wildfoot94:

    monster truck radio

    hey when that dude going to update monster truck radio i like that show
  9. wildfoot94:

    bigfoot family reunion 1989

    does anyone got the rest of the video of bigfoot at indy 1989 the bigfoot family reunion show
  10. wildfoot94:


    watever happen to the invader 1 and 2 monster truck since ray went on to sell the team and raced for bearfoot for a wile.and wat is ray doing nowa days
  11. wildfoot94:

    bloomsburg 1989

    does anyone have video from bloomsburg 1989.and does anyone have info on the fiqure 8 salone they did.
  12. wildfoot94:

    the secret world of monster trucks

    why they dont ever show that came on twice or more.i think it was a cool show to be honest with yall.i think they should come out with part too.with more footage.
  13. wildfoot94:

    indy 88-89

    does anybody got the indy jambo from 1988 were bigfoot ranger and nightmare 2 almost fliped over.and 1989 with all the bigfoot trucks out there.
  14. wildfoot94:

    jumping completely over cars

    what was the first monster truck to clear all the cars without touching them.i been wanting to know thats all thanks people
  15. wildfoot94:

    Rick Petroline

    Rick Petroline wat is he up too now a days i know he use to drive for team bigfoot but wat is he do after that.
  16. wildfoot94:

    mike hogwood.

    yall i was watching ring of honor on youtube.and i saw mike hogwood up there hosting. i haven't seen him since the tnn era of monster jam.the nascar shows.and the acc basketball tourment.but he still hosting wrestling or wat.mike should get back with scott.and dan m back as a pitt...
  17. wildfoot94:


    anybody know were i can download the full verison of mtm1 and 2 pls let me know
  18. wildfoot94:

    watever happend.

    who remember the old boothill express truck. the yellow panel wagon.watever happend too it.
  19. wildfoot94:


    wat did y'all think of the speed coverage of indy.wat y'all think about the runs
  20. wildfoot94:

    bigfoot in action

    when they first releashed bigfoot in action 1.well i was wondering they had a box set.the blue cover and brown cover.well wat was on the brown cover..