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  1. Firehawk85

    It's now available for preorder!!!

    Bigfoot In Action V the Vault Edition..... You can now preorder it at the Bigfoot website!!! :D
  2. Firehawk85

    Richard Leek & Dave Grimm

    Anyone know what ever happened to these guys???
  3. Firehawk85

    Truck Related Nitemare sitting at my work today.

    Andy Hoffman & Nitemare came to do a display for a local radio station today. He pulled up with it about 11am this morning. I have a couple pictures on my phone and I'll try to upload them later as I don't have the software here to resize them for the board. I will say he's a pretty nice...
  4. Firehawk85

    Truck Related A request for those who talk to Bob Chandler...

    I'd like to know how the deal with Frankin Mint to create the Bigfoot 14 diecast came about. I'd also like to know if there are or will there ever be plans to create a diecast replica of Bigfoot 1??? In other words I LOVE MY FRANKLIN MINT BIGFOOT and with the fact they did such a good...
  5. Firehawk85

    Truck Related Good idea....yes or no???

    I've been throwing this around in my head for quite a while now and I'd like to share this idea with you all here and get some thoughts on it.... I'd like to see Bob Chandler buy USA-1 from Everett Jasmer and put it back out on the tracks so we all can have our favorite Chevy monster truck...