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  1. tonka tester

    The Monster

    just figured i would throw something up on here for non facebookers... the truck runs/ drives... about to go to the paintshop... video
  2. tonka tester

    help me find this tire

    figured i would throw this out there, maybe ill get lucky... i have 7 of these, i am looking for #8 for my old school truck for lake floats its a united 66x43x25... anyone see one of these?
  3. tonka tester

    where did mike welsch's 8' tires go?

    he told me he had 8 of em at one time, anyone know where they went?
  4. tonka tester

    bigfoot 5 lake float

    did they ever dual it up and float it on the 10 footers? i doubt it, but maybe there are pics out there... :)
  5. tonka tester

    cool truck on ebay check out the discription hahaha
  6. tonka tester

    new old school

    just figured i throw out a few recent pics of what im workin on... the stepside bed is coming off for a fleetside longbed and triple bar light bar... and the metal front fenders and hood are coming off for the fiberglass tilt forward doghouse i have hope to have...
  7. tonka tester

    need some pics of goliath

    anyone got any pics of the driveline setup on goliath? id like a closer look at how the twin engine setup was done :D
  8. tonka tester

    Original bigfoot for sale for $17,000 :D
  9. tonka tester

    which one is this?

  10. tonka tester

    Gas guzzy pics

    Let's see em! YouTube - ‪Gas guzzy‬‏ anyone got video of the tugowar in the lake?
  11. tonka tester

    Funky terra

    Anyone else come across recaps like this?
  12. tonka tester

    light bar ???

    who sells the triple light bar for a stepside truck nowadays? the kind the old monster trucks had? i need one for my truck so i can have a place to mount 12 or more kc daylighters onto:D
  13. tonka tester

    i need a bigger garage

    just doin a little test fit before i finish up welding the suspension :D
  14. tonka tester

    Mysterious tire

    it's a united deep tread 12 ply terra tire. I have 3 and am looking for more. Anyone ever seen any like it? I don't think I've ever seen a monster truck with em.
  15. tonka tester

    tilt bed pics?

    anyone got pics of tilt bed setups off any old school monster trucks? i am looking to do it to my Monster, and any pics would be helpful... pics of underneath the bed...something to go off of to save me time... thanx
  16. tonka tester

    are these good for monster truck?

    i picked these two axles up earlier this year, and dont know what i am gonna do with them... they are carraro planetary axles.. theyre about the size/weight of a 2.5 rockwell, and the hubs will fit in a 15" wheel. they are left rotation, both steer, they turn approx. 50* they both have a sensor...
  17. tonka tester


    hello everyone, i didnt know where to post this, so if you want to move it, feel free... i am new on here and just wanted to say hi i am building a monster truck- old school style 1979 chevy on 5 tons and 66" terras:cool: