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    Truck Related Rap Attack

    I saw Rap Attack a month ago and was trying to find out who raced it,,,,,Cory Rummels did freestyle in it and Dave who owns it was watching from sidelines,,,,,anyone have any input?? Thanks a bunch
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    Show Related NYS Fair Monster Truck Show

    This Sunday is the show at the fair,,,,who's going?? Bigfoot Dan Runte Bounty Hunter Darren Migues Iron Outlaw Trent Montgomery Toxic Travis Petri Illuminator Jay Snyder Magnum Jet Quad Paul Magliato Jet...
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    Show Related Montreal??

    Does anyone know the complete line up for Montreal this weekend,,,,,seems promoter Chris Arel doesn't list it or answer emails,,,,,
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    2nd HOF Inductions

    I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a video of the 2nd HOF inductions like there was from the first one. I know Monster Blog covered the original one but didn't know if they did this year,,,,,,,any input would be great,,,,,,,hope to make the 3rd one this year!
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    Double Down Ticket Avalable

    Due to my diagnosis with Cancer and treatments on going, I will not be able to attend the World Finals this year. Friends are going but can't use the extra seat so I thought maybe someone here might be looking for 1 ticket,,,,,,,I'm going to sell the ticket and DD pass for Friday ,,,I thought...
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    HOF Anyone??

    Just thought I'd see who planned on hitting up the HOF Inductions in a couple weeks,,,,,
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    Show Related Chemung County Fair

    The fair in Chemung NY is Tommorow, Thursday,,,,,,I was wondering if anyone knew the complete line up,,, I heard Aftershock, Bad Habit, Defender & Eliminator,,,,,,I wasn't sure if this was complete or not,,,,,any help would greatly be appreciated!!
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    Nys fair show 9/2

    This was posted on the Fairs web site page ....looks pretty interesting no that its confirmed,,,,, Monster Truck Mix-Up Sunday Sep 2 6:30 PM $10.00 General Admission Grandstand Buy Tickets Fans of the Equalizer, Hot Tamale, Stinger, After Shock, Krazy Train, and...
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    Metlife questions

    I think someone posted these answers somewheres here but I couldn't find it so plrease excuse the questions again,,,,,, Who was freestyling inferno when Tom was freestyling FDNY, heard Krmel or Buetow? Who Freestyled Grinder,,,heard Seasock & heard Lupe,,,,just trying to find out which...
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    Orange County Fair Show Confirmed

    Here is the info I recieved from the office at Middletown Speedway ,,,,looks like it will be an interesting show,,,,, MOTO & MONSTER TRUCK MADNESS Friday, July 20th @ 7:00pm Saturday, July 21st @7:00pm Sunday, July 22nd @ 4:00pm Moto & Monster Madness is a Motorsports Freestyle...
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    2012 NYS Fair Show

    I recieved a confirmation from Jay who is the promoter ( JM Productions ) about the line up for the 2012 NYS Fair show on Sunday September 2nd. It is as follows: Equalizer (performing a back flip) Hot Tamale After Shock Krazy Train Stinger Illuminator This show will also contain an...
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    Additional 6 Trucks at METLIFE??

    Does anyone know the additional 6 Trucks that will be on display at METLIFE this weekend? They list SHOCKWAVE, THRASHER & STORM DAMAGE as doing displays Friday, so I figure those are 3 of them,,,,any word on the other 3??
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    Philly / MetLife Questions??

    Does anyone know if they plan on doing displays the day before the shows like they have in the past,,like in Philly last year of course. It is a month away and nothing is listed and just wondered if anyone had any insight. Also, the only way to get Pit Passes are to buy them at Box office...
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    I have seen a couple truck listing a show at the New York State Fair Sunday Sept 2nd on their schedule,,,,,I was wondering if anyone knew any information about the show?? Aftershock & Krazy Train are 2 that are listed,,,,,Brett,,, can you shead any light on this?? Look forward to this event...
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    Hot Wheels Idea

    I have a question I was thinking about. How does a team get a Hot Wheels put out? Is it strickly trucks that run with Monster Jam? After the show this weekend, I saw TOXIC and I thought what a cool Hot Wheels Truck that would be, but they have not heard anything from anyone about doing one. I...
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    Montreal Show

    Was wondering if anyone had some results or info on how the Montreal Chris Arel Show went last night?
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    Middletown NY Show

    July 20-22 at Orange County Speedway in Middletown, NY they have listed a MOTO & MONSTER TRUCK MADNESS show during the Orange County Fair,,,,,not sure who is promoting it, but I know a few members live close by and might be able to get the scoop for us,,,I'm trying to get info on it...
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    WF Display Drivers

    I had a poster signed by a bunch of display trucks drivers but lost who they were here is what I have that I'm not sure of,,,,, Tow Master Outlaw Mike Harper? Outa Control Monkey Around Ice Cream Man Double Trouble Captain USA Mechanical Mischief The others I have I...
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    Binghamton NY AMP Show Returns

    Finally recieved the info from AMP about the show here in Binghamton, nothing on their web page yet but here you go: Friday April 20 and Saturday April 21 Truck: Toxic Viper Crushstation Ground Pounder and the Michigan Ice Monster Also a ride truck - Country Boy I will post...
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    Displaying Trucks at World Finals

    I thought I'd get this started to see if we could get a list of trucks that will be displaying at the Pit Party in Vegas. I know that all competing trucks are there, but there are at least 30 or so more.....Do we have any confirmed Trucks that will be there,,,Looking forward to seeing some West...