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    Official 2014 Monster Jam Line-Up Thread

    Now Mike has 4 trucks to run,,,bring them to NY now!!! :) Waiting on last trucks for Syracuse to be announced!!
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    BJ Johnson Driving Mohawk Warrior?

    Good luck this year BJ,,,,look forward to seeing you rock the house!! Have fun!
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    ride truck for sale

    It's 1 BAD *** ride truck,,,,it was non stop at the Little Vally fair in August,,,,a money maker for those willing to make the effort!!
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    What is your most prized Monster Truck possession?

    1 of mine would be a Digger Poster signed by 110 drivers,,,,1/2 from the 90's ,,,1/2 from current,,,,,,,,,,,,Then the other would be my Nitemare Poster signed by 108 drivers mostly current within the past 5 years These are my all time favs!! I like my signed pixs of me and drivers I have in an...
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    Bigfoot Driver?

    Thank You Kyle, I wish you the best in the future. I was happy to get to see you drive in Middletown and Little Valley, you did a great job. You were the first Foot driver I have seen since Dan in Bloomsburg PA in 03. It was a pleasure meeting you and getting you those pictures. You are a...
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    ride truck for sale

    Was this the truck you brought to Cattarus County Fair in Aug? I thought Bob was thinking about it? It'd a bad *** machine for sure!!
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    Anyone remember when World Finals tics and shirts ship?

    I got mine yesterday also,,,,,the lanyard looks pretty cool, as does the pin
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    Glen Falls NY a no go

    Syracuse has a BIG SHOW already in March!! Don't HOG UP all the monsters!! lol
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    Glen Falls NY a no go

    Bring the show to Binghamton, NY then Lisa
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    Show Related NYS Fair Monster Truck Show

    Neverr got to make the show,,,,,,how was it,,,whats the report on it,,,,,
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    Truck Related Rap Attack

    Dave was there and had Cory run FS,,,but I have no idea who raced truck,,,,Cory said it wasn't him,,,,still searching
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    Truck Related Rap Attack

    I saw Rap Attack a month ago and was trying to find out who raced it,,,,,Cory Rummels did freestyle in it and Dave who owns it was watching from sidelines,,,,,anyone have any input?? Thanks a bunch
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    Show Related NYS Fair Monster Truck Show

    This Sunday is the show at the fair,,,,who's going?? Bigfoot Dan Runte Bounty Hunter Darren Migues Iron Outlaw Trent Montgomery Toxic Travis Petri Illuminator Jay Snyder Magnum Jet Quad Paul Magliato Jet...
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    Monster Trucks at the NYS Fair Syracuse NY 2013

    u r right kid,,,i forgot that,,,,it was good show,,,,,maybe they will add 1 more that day,,,,never know
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    Monster Trucks at the NYS Fair Syracuse NY 2013

    I don't believe there will be racing ,,,last year there wasn't racing,,,only Wheelie with all trucks, Donuts with 2 trucks and FS with all,,,,was a good show over all,,,no down time.
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    Monster Trucks at the NYS Fair Syracuse NY 2013

    This is line up posted on Promoters website Syracuse Sunday Sept 1st Bigfoot--- Dan Runte Bounty Hunter—Darren Migues Iron Outlaw-----Trent Montgomery Toxic-----Travis Petri Illuminator---Jay Snyder
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    Monster Trucks at the NYS Fair Syracuse NY 2013

    Be interesting who will be in Bounty Hunter & Iron Outlaw,,,,,should be a good show if they run it like last year,,,,,new promoter,,,we will see!! :)
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    Monster Truck Madness Middletown NY

    Saturday show was pretty good. Bigfoot took Wheelie contest,,,had a nice slap wheelie Backdraft too donut contest with wiiiiiiiiiiild donut,,,i think he got dizzy Bigfoot took freestyle also, good run hit the camper trailer, took the FS motocross ramp both ways Hurricane Force...
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    Bloomsburg Roll Call

    Were all the freesyles run double,,,,,I saw a video of 2 trucks playing follow the leader in freestyles,,,,,,JUST ASKING not slamming them.....sounds like some good shows
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    Show Related 2013 Monster Jam Path of Destruction Tour

    A 6 truck show in Philly later in year is better than nothing i agree,,,,won't be traveling the 3 hrs for it,,,but good for the locals! Next year hopefully Lincoln Field will get show back,,,,