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  1. Firehawk85

    Thunder Beast Sold ???

    home of the original Excaliber.... Stomper that Mike Whitt drove as well....
  2. Firehawk85

    New Digger Legend - It's Not Pretty...

    watch the current Legend Merch sell like crazy as people will want the Silver & Blue Design rather than the stupid Purple look....
  3. Firehawk85

    Top 100 Monster Trucks of all time

    Blasphemy that Excaliber is #36..... This was one of the 1st Trucks to defeat Bigfoot in the 80s.....
  4. Firehawk85

    SST Phoenix update thread

    Well I for 1 don't care about this series unless they cover the monster trucks because they are the only thing I'd attend 1 of these events for!!!!
  5. Firehawk85

    Truck Related Official Old School Pic Thread

    I still believe that War of the Monster Trucks was mid-late 86 because Ford was on top of getting Bigfoot to wear the 87 front end asap. It wouldn't suprise me if KK was debuted just before filming of War of the Monster Trucks.
  6. Firehawk85

    Second Half of the Expanded 28-Truck Monster Jam World Finals Field Announced

    I agree Neil should be there... perhaps good reason to do a points system so people can actually EARN their way there rather than the circus sideshow this has become!!!
  7. Firehawk85

    Monster Jam Then and Now 2-Packs

    Anyone know where to get Virginia Giant & Black Stalion then & now packs other than ebay???
  8. Firehawk85

    Your Hall of Fame Picks

    My 5 nominations Jim Kramer... no explanation needed.... if one is needed then you know nothing about the history of monster trucks period!!! Army Armstrong... Voice of Monster Trucks.... nuff said... if anything else is needed see statement above.... Rod Litzau... 1st Champion of Monster...
  9. Firehawk85

    It's out and it's AWESOME Grave DIgger 'The Legend' 1/64

    At Least it is the correct body!!!! The Excaliber Hotwheels is a Ford Body for a Chevrolet..... Now don't misunderstand I am a Ford man but I love Excaliber & it has to be a Chevy!!!
  10. Firehawk85

    Project Klone Kong

    I don't care what color it is!!!! I just think it's Awesome that an originator is being recreated for the museum!!!
  11. Firehawk85

    Your next five to go into the HOF

    As much as I agree that Cliff Starbird should eventually be inducted, I firmly believe that something should be done about his trucks rotting outside before he is inducted. As far as my comment about Dennis Anderson attending..... I was refering to the fact that Feld owns everything Grave...
  12. Firehawk85

    Your next five to go into the HOF

    1st: Jim Kramer... no explanation needed!!! 2nd: Rod Litzau... really no explanation needed here either!!!! 3rd: Andy Brass.. one of the greatest drivers ever to compete 4th: Dennis Anderson... 30 years of Grave Digger.... even though he probably wouldn't attend. 5th: Gary Porter... he's...
  13. Firehawk85

    2012 Monster Jam World Finals Prediction Picks

    what I'd like to see: Racing: Adam Anderson Freestyle: Ryan Anderson I think that would be a cool way to end off Dennis Andersons 30th Anniversary season other than of course Dennis getting a Double Down.
  14. Firehawk85

    Somebody buy it!

    the body looks like it would be a good buy if someone was going to restore Marvin Smiths Stomper back to the Crimson Giant. Or perhaps the original look for Excaliber.
  15. Firehawk85


    The one that hit the wall in Chicago in 89 was Marvin Smiths Stomper..... this was the same weekend that USA-1 hit the wall twice.
  16. Firehawk85

    Why do you think tom meents is the best?

    I'd like this to be proven!!!!! I guess they'll have to open up a series that allows for open qualifiying and a real points series first won't they!!! and I'll take a page out of your book..... "Yeah, I said it. Deal with it."
  17. Firehawk85

    Why do you think tom meents is the best?

    You can if you want to, but I don't base a world championship on 1 night of great performances.... especially considering that there are other monster trucks out there that aren't allowed to compete with Feld......
  18. Firehawk85

    old skool motorsports return of usa-1

    This was what I was gonna post.... On Monster Truck Radio Rodney & Chandler stated the new USA-1 would see the light of day toward the end of June.......
  19. Firehawk85

    Dirt 3 Racing

    Xbox 360 GT: Cobra2k4
  20. Firehawk85

    MustRead Old School Truck High Horse makes Debut at Lima Jamboree

    Good looking truck guys!!!! Man I miss the old school trucks and even more the old school trucks racing!!!