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    For Sale Metal Monster

    Why's he selling?
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    Mystery Truck Question

    I do believe this is correct.
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    RII Kill radios

    The RII Store is Birch's website.
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    What kind of foods do monster truck drivers eat?

    Simple answer, whatever is open at two in the morning.
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    Show Related Marvel Universe Live!

    Monster trucks can do martial arts???? COOL!!!!!
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    Show Related Your pick or the World Freestyle Championship

    Was it really necessary to create a second thread?
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    Does Feld own TMNT?

    Advance Auto, Disney, Warner Bros, Monster Energy, Lucas Oil and Hot Wheels
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    Does Feld own TMNT?

    The Ram truck brand isn't a big national corporate backing sponsor? What about Summit Racing? Or Firestone? How about Bars Leaks or Rislone? Are those not big national corporate backing sponsors?
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    looking to buy a containment seat

    Got the Joie of Racing and I think I remember hearing of PRP making someone a seat. My philosophy though is you can't put a price on safety... $1,500 is cheap compared to what you would go through with a compressed spine.
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    Which truck is this?

    Chuck Sisson's Cyclone
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    How much does drivers make?

    Simple answer. Not enough.
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    Shockwave/ Old Rap Attack Chassis For Sale

    The chassis has been sold.
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    James May (Top Gear) Doesn't Like Monster Trucks!

    And keep in mind that Jeremy Clarkson LOVES monster trucks.
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    Grinder Moving G?

    That's actually a good size for an arena.
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    Your next five to go into the HOF

    Jan Gabriel Mike Galloway George Carpenter George Eisenhart William Townes
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    My opinion of why you dont see many teams/drivers responding to posts.

    I would tend to agree with Don in that this is where people show their true colors.... Hidden behind the protective cloak of a screen name where no one knows the real person behind it. Yet this same person will ACT as if he's your best friend at any show you may cross paths.
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    Pure Adrenaline is back!

    Scroll down. But these have been known to be incorrect.