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  1. chad4208

    Monster Jam tv listings change

    For anyone who hasn't noticed, the Monster Jam TV listings have changed. Obviously they moved Orlando up so it would be in order. JAx and Stl are still swapped out of order but Detroit and Syracuse are listed as 2 parters now and no 4th part for Vegas so definitely no yg/qualifying. As of now...
  2. chad4208

    FORMULA off road 2014 TV

    Soooo.....anybody watch? Tv coverage was awful. I mean the second race wasn't even shown until lap 3? just commercial from the end of race one...back from commercial lap 3? Was it edited that way on purpose or did NBCSN screw up? Either way it seems so rushed and these trucks racing on...
  3. chad4208

    Oddball, off the wall saftey question...

    If a truck had a slow leak in the tire...say...oh a couple Psi in ten minutes, would it be deemed safe to race in the semi-finals and finals? Also taking into account they pumped in a PSI of air pressure right before the race....and would that feet even be possible between rounds?
  4. chad4208

    Preview show

    The preview show reviewed vegas, showed the max d block party and is going to show highlights from Europe and East Rutherford, I would eliminating the chance of that show being a full episode Also announced an app can drive and crush a full neighborhood... Worth seeing so far but...
  5. chad4208

    River Rat Logo request

    Anybody got a good close up of the design on the side of River Rat? i found one but its covered in mud, lol. Just thought Id check here if anybody had a better one [email protected] if you could send it over
  6. chad4208 photo galleries not working?

    Are they not working at all or is there some trick I need to do, aka, clear cache, cookies, etc to get them to show up. Right now All I get is [nggallery id=
  7. chad4208

    Razin Kane question

    I might be able to find if I looked but Im busy,,,,but what kind of chassis is Razin Kane on?
  8. chad4208

    Charleston, WV Monster Jam/ticketmaster issue

    Theres something fishy with the show on Ticketmaster The 50 bucks ticket is front row only which is "O" For the saturday evening show, the 30 dollar ticket comes up row N which does exist...well its the only tarped off row, the rest are retractables. Funny enough the other shows it...
  9. chad4208

    Death at Le Mans Im really, really upset about that because...why isn't there a tire wall there? Maybe someone can find an image of the site but You would think a 150MPH curve into a an...
  10. chad4208

    El diablo body make?

    What is El Diablos body make again? Cant find where it was posted...or anything online otherwise... you'd think that would be easier...
  11. chad4208

    dear Sean Duhon

    You have a facebook account? Couldnt find ya I think he visits here right????????
  12. chad4208

    Houston 1 on SPEED today

    Im sorry but whoever chose to edit the show that way should be more than fired. He should be blacklisted from television production forever... For those of you who didnt see it, it was a 1 part racing and fs...which is fine, it mixed full runs with highlights which is okay if the runs were in...
  13. chad4208

    Templates/truck question (MTM2 ROR)

    Anybody know who did and posted the pic of Damons Monster Energy MTM2 truck on Draggers? I guess they either didn't finish it or didnt release it... Id like to have the body....Or if anybody has an MTM2 Monster energy body or even the templates...maybe from ROR or anything
  14. chad4208

    World Finals Ticket for sale... Front row center

    I bought them off ebay(for a lot more than face value) but Whom I was going with cant go so...I'm going to try to sell one. Section 107 row 11.. seat....i dont the middle, lol. Shirt, pin, DD Pass im almost afraid to post price... 314 breaks even. (yes that is for one...:confused: )
  15. chad4208

    San Diego WOW Factor...

    From MJonline Tonight, we witnessed something so spectacular that it was replayed over, and over, and over again. Monster Energy had a slight lead going into the final turn ? but more importantly, Bradshaw was lined up perfectly straight to hit the tabletop and finish. Weenk knew that if he...
  16. chad4208

    mtm2 monster jam video for those who haven't seen, they are like speed episodes
  17. chad4208

    what is this? digger 82 chrome? is this in stores?
  18. chad4208

    MTM2 summer finals preview yea spend 90 seconds and watch some of the coolest moves cause I know few are going to watch all 3 hours of
  19. chad4208

    MTM2 Videos
  20. chad4208

    Huh? MAdusa..Beth Pheonix? ha