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  1. Mastertaco

    Looking for more "U.F.O." pictures

    ive looked around havent found much other then on monsterphoto... anyone have any goodsized side shots of the truck? looking for the cartoon clip art on the side. needing it so i can finish my UFO clodbuster replica
  2. Mastertaco

    ufo needing some more pics

    kinda wondering if anyone out there has any higher quality pics of UFO went over to taft's site found some but not exactly enough detail(mainly just looking for a better pic of the UFO cartoon art on the side of the truck)
  3. Mastertaco

    Kinda truck show in Harrisburg Oregon

    Well since My local speedway(Cottage Grove about 50miles south of harrisburg) got shutdown because of not having permits when they expanded. so that i understand Monster X tour isnt coming back here(since its shutdown temporarily) this year and maybe the next year... so they decided to got up to...
  4. Mastertaco

    Mounting traxxas 2018 in clodbuster

    Wondering if someone out there can tell me the easiest way to mount this steering servo in it....Is there a pic of one mounted i could take a look at for reference out there? thought about epoxying it in there but didnt really think that was a great idea any thoughts?
  5. Mastertaco

    A Good Find at a Garage Sale Warning Large Images

    A cool Find at a Garage Sale Warning Large Images Well went to this Sale in my town at a Garage Sale walkin around seen something under a book..what i thought was a car ad just seen the front grill and the poster company name thought it said Austin for some reason when glancing over it but it...
  6. Mastertaco

    Cottage GRove Oregon SHow

    i didnt have money to go any of the nights, to night is the last night i think but when i drove past it if my eyes seen right i thought i seen the retro Bigfoot truck there.. not sure the, By The time i Drove back past the speedway they had it packed up and in the trailer already to go...(ON...
  7. Mastertaco

    Speed channell's On THe Edge "MT jamboree" it says

    Has anyone else seen that Saturdays On The Edge Is new And All it says is Monster Truck Jamboree anyone have some more info on it or do we have to wait till it airs? link
  8. Mastertaco

    SandMan ON Racingjunk for sale if none of you guys have seen this yet another truck for sale
  9. Mastertaco

    My Newer Monster Trucks on Phun

    My Newer Phun Monster Trucks Phun:A 2d Physics SandBox (thats the full game name) well i've been making M/T's in phun for a awhile now about a year now maybe.. and iv'e gotten pretty good at making them iv made 20+Realistic ones and in all of them theres 60+ plus like 20 other type of off...
  10. Mastertaco

    Thunder Chicken See Able ON Google Maps

    Thunder Chicken Able to see ON Google Maps Google Maps idk i thought this was pretty cool not sure if any other trucks are visible on street view but we should all find out if you can see them... i would but i don't know where any really are
  11. Mastertaco

    Truck Related HYRide Ride Truck On RacingJunk looks like a decent price just putting this here i seen a thread awhile back on 2 trucks this was one of them
  12. Mastertaco

    Truck Related Thunder Chicken Artwork

    yes i need the Art work of atleast the zombie chicken thing on the tail end of thunder chicken i need it so i can Make it Looks good in phun because the mtm2 truck isnt working the chicken is all disorted Just a pic of it straight on any size as long as its Visable good not the one...
  13. Mastertaco

    Off-Topic Monster truck CAD Work

    Dose anyone have CAD Work Like the Blueprints of the Side of a truck iv seen a couple of them on here iv already gotten the Excaliber ONe's in the Old School Thread Are there any other cad monster truck just floating out there? I want them so i can get detailed trucks in phun.
  14. Mastertaco

    Old School Monster truck dvd's

    WEll i was browsing old school mt videos on youtube and i found this link to this site and it has 2 dvds with the original programs and and 65min crash complation of all the original stuff and penda stuff here but iv...
  15. Mastertaco

    Truck Related Califona Kid Crusher pics?

    anyone have any higher quality pics of it perferably side view im making it in phun.
  16. Mastertaco

    Mid-West Monsters Vintage Pics

    when i was looking up bigfoot 5 the was a pic when it was lower so i clicked it and this page came up im not sure if you guys know about this collection but ill share it anyway
  17. Mastertaco

    Off-Topic Lego Digital Designer monster trucks

    well i got bored and i had lego digital designer lol and i made a lego grave digger in it well it looks like it and i have the save for it if anyone wants it and want to buy one from lego them self but its 23$ !!
  18. Mastertaco

    Got any pic of a show from 86 or 87 in eugene OR

    Dose anyone have any pics of an event in 1986 or 1987 in eugene oregon it had monster vette bigfoot Awesome Kong 2 USA-1 Blue Thunder
  19. Mastertaco

    Wheres this show at(purple superpete)

    Wheres this show at(non leafer Superpete) well i was browsing the monsterphoto iwarp and i found this pic and i was thinking that looks flamiliar is this at Coos Bay Speedway in Oregon?
  20. Mastertaco

    Monster trucks in Phun

    Monster Trucks In Phun Taking Request's! TO PLAY WITH THESE MONSTERS First Download the game There click the archive NOT installer Extract the files in the zip to desktop in folder Called PHUN To play with the truck in the game Go...