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  1. k5ontherocks

    70 k5 on 5tons on ebay.

    for sale...... not forced to sell,just want to make some major changes and would be easier to just start a new truck. thanks
  2. k5ontherocks

    Firestone dt 66x43x25s fs

    i have 4 really nice firestone dt 66x43x25s they have no rims they have aprox 75% tread remaining they are 8 and 10 ply they are located in indiana asking $1800 for all 4,would trade for rice and cane tires,planetary axles, 5ton axles,f106 axles,or towards an scs/profab drop box. can...
  3. k5ontherocks

    chain drive drop box

    i am researchin building a chain drive drop box for my k5 to help improve somedriveline angle issues and add a little more gear reduction. ive found a few pics of setups on here and was wondering if there were any more,or anyone with info on where to buy parts for building one. also...
  4. k5ontherocks

    4-67x34x30 goodyear hf4s with rims

    i have a nice set of 67x34x30 goodyear hf4 custom flow tires for sale,super deep lugs like an r2,1piece steel wheels with 5ton lug pattern. asking $2500 located in indiana pics and more info in classified ads section. thanks Andy
  5. k5ontherocks

    planetary id help.

    can anyone help id these???
  6. k5ontherocks

    muddin my k5

    3 videos: YouTube- Haspin Acres 2010 YouTube- 100_1367.MOV YouTube- Haspin Acres 4-10-10 from haspin acres,laurel indiana.
  7. k5ontherocks

    Ps250 question

    it appears this is the most commonly found axle in my area. wondering about any negatives to these axles,with 1 piece knuckles. either using complete axle or just installing the ends onto a rockwell 5ton housing. thanks for any input.
  8. k5ontherocks

    drawing of my k5

    ck this out!
  9. k5ontherocks

    mud truck with planets.

    found a cpl sets of planets. yes my mind is racing like a wild animal,but i just got my truck done and want to pound the 5tons for a while. buddy is just getting started with a build,similar to mine. what im lookin for is some opinions on planets in a 10k lb truck with 66's and only...
  10. k5ontherocks

    rockwell ps250 questions

    anyone know how much they weigh? accurately?
  11. k5ontherocks

    some new shoes

    my 67x34x30 hf4's mounted
  12. k5ontherocks

    backyard car crushin,or parking

    just a few pics from the weekend,some action shots and vids up soon. drove over em like speed bumps,loved it!!
  13. k5ontherocks

    my k5 at yankee lake halloween 2009

    had a blast,didnt break a thing,only a handfull of bugs to work out,not bad for first trip out. and i think i beat on it pretty good too. heres a link to tons of pics: heres a few of me:
  14. k5ontherocks

    gettin close!

    well engine is running,making driveshafts and brakes now,just need to tie up a few loose misc things and shes ready!!
  15. k5ontherocks

    got my tires on.

    well got my 67's mounted up,what ya think?
  16. k5ontherocks

    rockwell axles

    here are some axles i just aquired,poss using them in my build.still trying to find out some info on them and possibly their interchangeability. i was told they are 7 tons.the front axle is a face loader,both rear axles are toploaders. they have the same lug pattern as 5 tons. they have 2"...