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    All Star Monster Truck tour - NY State Fair - Syracuse, NY

    Did a little searching based off of what I saw on some teams' schedules, looks like a cool show coming to the New York State Fair the end of August: -Avenger -Wrecking Crew -Brutus -Spike...
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    Syracuse Roll - Call

    Well that was a blast. Just got back home to Long Island. Great show IMO. Racing was good, a lot of CLOSE finishes and a good appearance by Greg in Crushstation if you ask me. Racing highlight to me though was Joe Sylvester in Bad Habit coming off the 2nd jump of his Round 2 race a little...
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    Why Does Grinder Not Do West Coast Shows?

    Yeah, like I just said a few hours before you lol
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    Sleds and Monster trucks!

    WELL SAID! So right. I gotta get to a good bog this year...
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    Why Does Grinder Not Do West Coast Shows?

    This is the same type of discussion that came up with the Safe Auto Minimizer truck a few years back. Safe Auto was/is an automotive insurance company. The truck didn't run shows in some regions, but I did some research and found the same thing you guys are finding - Monster Jam didn't send...
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    Any news on how Ryan Anderson's doing?

    Yeah, the collisions are out of hand. Scary to say, but after last night's version, it makes the Anderson's 2 years ago look TAME and dare I say it, COOL! Bad to the bone I guess...ok, I threw a pun in there, lol.\ Anyway, on a serious note, maybe this could serve as a wake-up call. I...
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    Syracuse 2012 Monster Jam...

    Aren't you the one that was saying Syracuse and Monster Jam sucks kept on crying and complaining about Tom Meents last year?
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    Worcester Roll-Call

    Agreed - excellent line-up. Part of why I'm going. Not missing a chance to see Dennis, and I've never seen Kreg in Max D. so I'm looking forward to that. Not to mention the reps from Team Scream...haven't seen Steve drive for a while. Simms' trucks never disappoint and Robbins and Blackwell...
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    Show Related Monster Jam Uniondale - Nassau Coliseum

    Wow, thanks for the heads up. That slipped by me somehow...I never realized Tim got another new/second, more modern chassis. Jeez, where have I been? lol Too much time under my Jeep I
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    Show Related Monster Jam Uniondale - Nassau Coliseum

    I love seeing Hurricane Force go! That truck can still perform. I've been thinking that, too, with the whole team truck thing. Funny how there's a few single trucks at Uniondale performing alone that are from what's typically a 2 truck team.
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    Show Related Monster Jam Uniondale - Nassau Coliseum

    I think they changed the displays up a bit - if I remember correctly I think originally it was Digger, Crushstation, and Higher Education. Now it's all switched up :) Yeah the whole union thing sucks. I worked at the Javits center cleaning boats for the boat show a few weeks ago, I went in...
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    Show Related Monster Jam Uniondale - Nassau Coliseum

    Jeez jimbo, you're right. I totally forgot about that. The Coliseum has always had ample pit space down the tunnel, now all of a sudden they start parking trucks on the floor? It's like one thing after another, lol - although I'm sure there's some reasonable explanation. If I remember...
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    Show Related Monster Jam Uniondale - Nassau Coliseum

    Not to mention the decreased floor space since the Coliseum went to the concrete shows. That's the biggest thing that bugs me - yea it went from dirt to concrete, but when it did the floor space got smaller. That sucks.
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    Show Related Monster Jam Uniondale - Nassau Coliseum

    So who's all goin'? I'll probably head over to 2 of the shows - don't know exactly which ones just yet...yep, no tix here yet, lol. Pretty cool lookin' line-up. I like how they're hyping up TMNT on the commercials...anyone else see that? Sorta funny... Pretty happy that this year it's...
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    Red Grave Digger Rebuild

    I really like what I'm reading here. It's nice to know that there are people willing to shape things back up again instead of just letting them rot! I can almost see this becoming a special on Speed - something like "The Original Grave Diggers - Rescued From The Grave". Awesome news Adam...
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    Devils Taxi World Record Attempt

    God, I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here because I know I've critiqued Sam's method of getting the nose in the air in the past. But how was he attempting these yesterday? Was he doing slap wheelies like we see done consistently, or was he using those break-away ramps to 'pop' the nose...
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    Truck Related Sneak peek at another new Monster Jam Truck

    Amen to that. I CAN'T STAND Tanner pretty much hit the nail on the head. Congrats to him for the jump record he set at the Indy 500, but if you happen to see him tell him to kiss my ****. As for the truck, I went to the Hot Wheels site and voted for "Gasket Case" - I like that...
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    What happened here? Video link...

    It almost did by the looks of it with Heart Breaker...could have been horrible if the truck came down 2 feet differently... BackFlip HeartBreaker DF 2011 - YouTube OWW.
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    What happened here? Video link...

    Well, I figured it out lol. Check this out: Super Backflip in Mexico by Jimmy Creten of 2Xtreme Racing - YouTube Better view but lower quality: MONSTER TRUCK BACK FLIP IRON OUTLAW Jimmy Creten 2Xtreme Racing - YouTube OH - MY - GOD. Good driving on that one! Can you say...
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    What happened here? Video link...

    I was clicking around on YouTube some and came across this video from Monterrey, Mexico from last weekend: Monster truck Monterrey 28/10/2011 (7) - YouTube This wasn't even the first try, either. They happened shortly after a failed attempt of a backflip...but does anyone know what...