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    2 rockwell 106 housings and pie pans for sale

    I have 2 106 housings with clark flanges with tie rods (no difs) $ 750 for both i believe they are off the old screamin demon truck Also still have 4 pie pan corners left. $ 500 per corner need them gone. 785-650-7927 serius inquiries only
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    106 housings with clark flanges and pettibone planets for sale

    i have 2 rockwell 106 housings with clark ends and one has a 580 ratio in it as i was told . heavy tie rod ends for them as well with a couple clark knuckles. 4 pie pan pettibone corners left. if interested give me a call at 785-650-7927. thanks
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    pettibones out of nasty boy for sale

    Talked to Sammy and all his pettibone stuff is for sale ( converting everything to clarks) He is pulling out nasty boys axles so if any body is interested give him a call.
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    Screamin demon monster truck

    Does anybody know when they sold the truck if the trailer sold to or is it maybe for sale. Thank you for any information. It looked like a very nice trailer and I am looking for a good monster truck ready trailer that is not junked out or a broken old trailer.
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    pie pans for sale

    I have 13 corners laying in western pa. They were cut out of cranes. I dont deal much with the pettibone stuff but if interested they are 525 each. call 785-650-7927.
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    Pettibone Pie Pans foe sale

    I came across 4 ends . 500.00 each. need them gone. Only have 4 clark ends left also 785-650-7927 Thanks Mark See everybody in Vegas
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    Clarks for sale

    I have 24 ends for sale. with 4 more coming. Any teams need spares for 1st quarter call 785-650-7927. Also know of some pie pan pettibones on eastern USA in PA. everybody have a safe holiday season. Thank the man above for your health and family. Mark
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    PS 115 Planetarys for sale

    I have 8 corners ( Ps 115 planets) I came across. 7 are complete and one is needing gears. call 785-650-7927 Mark. call cause I do not check messages very often.
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    Terry Woodcock Coming back

    Terry just called me and had a really nice talk. He is in the process of bringing back Cyclops! He will be building 2 trucks with his partner Denver. (used to drive Venom ) Watch out wheelie record Trucks hopefully will be ready this summer. Promoters have been calling him to get back in...
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    World Finals Tickets For Sale

    I cannot go this year and have 3 double down tickets for sale . Section 105 Row 26 Seats 18-20. Cost was $536.95 Shirt sizes were adult XL M and M kid call 785-650-7927 if interested Thanks Mark
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    16 Clark ends for sale

    I have 16 ends available if any teams need spares for 1st quarter. call 785-650-7927 and I hope everybody has a safe and Merry Christmas and happy New Year. Remember life is to short ,Live it like you have no tomorrow and if you have little ones hold them a little tighter and tell them you...
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    clark planetarys and 5 tons and 2.5 tons For Sale

    I have 24 Clark ends. Also came across of About (20) 5 Ton fronts and rears. About( 11) 2.5 Fronts. If interested give me a call. Also still have the 3 piece wheels off of the old Samson truck . I also can give you a number of a guy that sells the PS 115 Planets and the Gallions that Digger...
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    3 piece wheels with clark pattern

    I have the wheels off of the old Samson chassis for sale .They are 3 piece with clark centers. $1,000 OBO need them gone. 785-650-7927
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    16 clark planetary ends for sale

    I have 16 ends. If interested call 785-650-7927 Mark
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    For Sale Pettibone planetarys for sale

    I came acrosse 4 ends. 2 complete and 2 just the knuckles and spindles and champagnes with inner and outer axles. They are not pie pans, They are what Sam Sturges runs. $1,000 takes all. Thanks Mark
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    Original Ssmson Monster truck chasis

    Original samson Monster truck chasis I have for sale the original chasis. It is sitting at Dan"s Shop. If you want to see pictures of it go to Dan"s site and look under his anniversary pictures and you will see pictures of it. $6,000 for the chasis. I also have the tires and wheels off it...
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    Americrush Ride Truck

    Does anybody know what ever happen to it or who owns it now ? Dan Patrick built it a few years back and wondering if it was being used or just setting. Thanks
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    Pettibone Pie style planetarys for sale

    Old style I have 3 complete and 1 almost. I don"t mess with Pettibones and need to get rid of these asap. $1,000 buys them Would trade them for some Rockwell 106 set up for clarks. Thanks call 785-650-7927 for any questions.
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    Pettibone Pie style planetarys for sale

    I came across 3 complete ends and the other end has the 2 piece knuckle,spindle, champagne, and some planetary guts. Call 785-650-7927 if interested or have some 20 ton clarks I can do some swapping for. Thanks Also I purchased the old Samson truck frame that was for sale. I called Dan but he...
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    53 ft Kentucky trailer for sale

    Trailer is 53 ft single drop on air ride suspension. New transfuen top. call 785-650-7927 for more info. Thank you.