1. G

    videos of #12

    Well its no secret the days of number 12 are winding down. retired, un retired, either way the sun is setting. it was always my favorite digger, and second only to fred shaffer's bearfoots (in regards to chassis). that truck was set up for only one thing, racing. so i am looking for some racing...
  2. BIGFOOTfan25

    BIGFOOT 35th anniversary

    do you guys think BIGFOOT has any big plans for their upcoming 35th anniversary in 2010? i would like to see the all blue body make another come back(wish they would have kept that look:()! or maybe see a '74 fiberglass body on one of the racers. i think what i would like to see most of all is...
  3. MCMsports

    BF #12 pics - Display

    pixs taken today of BF#12 firestone display - first time seeing #12 ,the Summit body and meeting Ron as well . im in the blue T my Uncle Tommy is in the green t