1. MJKProductions

    opening song to 2010 monster jam cbs

    it's been bugging me for a complete year now, i have the cbs show that aired world finals 11 on dvr, and cannot figure out what the first song in the show is. its hard to even decipher the lyrics. i could make out "i got some" (maybe?) can anyone shed some light on the song? thanks
  2. BiteMeStudios

    BMPS 2010 Still Frames

    Thought I took care of this already, but I guess not. I did this the last couple years, and people seemed to like it. This slideshow features still frames from video I shot during the 2010 season. Enjoy! Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
  3. G

    MustRead Gas Guzzy 2010 Event DVD Featuring Old School Monster Trucks and Mud Bogs

    Gas Guzzy's Event DVD is here!! See all the action from the 2010 4x4 Off Road Truck Show Challenge! Monster Trucks, Tank Trucks and highlights from many top competitors and fan favorites! Go to GasGuzzy.com to order your copy!
  4. J

    Monster Trucks Top 10 of 2010!

    Hello! I'm new here but a long time fan of the board. I'm just curious as to what everybody's top ten would be for 2010. Here's mine. 10. Michigan Ice Monster 9. Allen Pezo and Predator 1 8. Gas Guzzy's 7. Excalibur 6. Miss Bigfoot 5. Charlie Pauken World Finals freestyle...
  5. stormrider_67

    Hamilton 2010 Pics Including Porter's New Digger

    Hamilton 2010 Pics Including Porter's New Grave Digger Some pics of the show and Porter's new Digger! We arrived super late to the pit party so there isn't many shots but its something! It looked immaculate, said he never ran over a car yet with it. Had that new monster truck smell too! Motor...
  6. B

    MustRead Silverdome Show 2 2010

    Here are the Videos I filmed at the Silverdome last Saturday. I don't think many people knew that there are four parts to it. Enjoy Here are all four links. YouTube - Silverdome 2010 Show 2 (Part 1 of 4) Racing YouTube - Silverdome 2010 Show 2 (Part 2 of 4) Obstacle Course...
  7. P

    If you missed SEMA 2010

    You can check out all of our recorded broadcast footage from SEMA 2010, including interviews with drivers and motorsports industry pro's. We even had the chance to interview Dennis Anderson! We had an amazing time, and glad we could get all the coverage for the fans out there. We'll hopefully...
  8. C

    my 2010 tuff truck season.

    hey guys. the tuff truck season for me has been done for a while so i figured i'd post some videos i found or took from this past season. Bloomsburg 2010 recorded by truck show nation tv. YouTube - Charles Wagner Midnight Madness Tuff Truck Racing Lebanon Fairgrounds, PA YouTube...
  9. Cale Putnam

    2010 SEMA Show

    Found a few galleries for the SEMA Show going on this week. No outright monsters (I know the MLB Bigfoot is out there but I have not seen photos of it), but King Sling and a mini monster make some appearances. Hopefully more photos pop up as the week goes on...
  10. wncmtnguy51

    2010 Toys 4 Tots

    The 2010 Toys 4 Tots Classic Car Cruise-In is scheduled for Saturday Nov.13 at Smoky Mountain Chevrolet in Franklin NC. Starting at 10am, this annual event benefits the Marine Corp Reserve Toy Collection Drive as they try to spread some holiday cheer by collecting and distributing new unwrapped...
  11. MonsterGirl74

    Monster Jam 2010 European Tour

    Hi folks. Looking at some pics, and videos from this year's European Tour, I just had a couple questions for the people in the know. I know that the chassis under the body of some of the trucks in Europe are different then they run in the states. Does anyone know which chassis is which...
  12. jdavidf

    Monster jam in manchester 2010.

    Cuz i live in england i rarely see monster trucks but on a week on saturday i am going to see monster jam at the M.E.N arena in manchester. I saw monster jam in the M.E.N in 2005. Grave digger,madusa,superman,el toro loco,escalade,monster mutt were the trucks competing.
  13. jeb134

    Red Bluff 2010

    Was doing some searching and found this: http://rbmonsters.com/index.html Tom Meents and Pablo in Digger returning this year :eek: Solid 10 truck lineup, this show and Vegas are the highlights of my year, I'm definitely looking forward to it!!!
  14. 575Hemi

    2010 Indy Jambo Roll Call

    Who's all going?
  15. Oxford

    Hamilton, Ontario 2010

    Hey guys, the Hamilton show is up on Ticketmaster. The show is scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday Nov 20 & 21 @ 2pm. http://www.ticketmaster.ca/search?tm_link=tm_homeA_header_search&q=monster+jam
  16. monstermaniac

    Riverhead Raceway, NY 2010

    Anybody going? I'll be there with a few friends on Sunday afternoon. Line-up is Bigfoot, Storm Damage and Viper. Anyone know whos driving Bigfoot? Hoping for a better show than last year! :rolleyes:
  17. M

    Monroe, MI 2010 Video

    2010 Monroe Monster Truck Throwdown! on Vimeo Check it out. Filmed by Andrew Pellegrine Edited by Elliott Miller
  18. General Havoc

    Canfield 2010 Roll Call!

    So, who else is going to Canfield this weekend (Sat & Sun, three shows)? Lineup: Avenger, Brutus, Raminator, Rammunition, Bigfoot (#15), and Lucas Oil Stabilizer. I'll be walkin around in my Avenger shirt and my little fiance in tow. If enough of us meet up, we could go over into...
  19. F

    Fantasy Football 2010

    It's getting to be that time again, Fantasy Football for 2010. I've got some buddies from my Fantasy NASCAR league that are joining for this year, but wanted to extend the invite to Mayhem-ers (and any of your friends that want to join, open to everyone). We are doing a cash league this year...
  20. Snowball

    Pics & Vids from DelMar and Pomona 2010

    Here's a few pics, while the videos are uploading onto YouTube. We had a wonderful weekend at Del Mar and Pomona. Friday, we did two freestyle shows, with Time Flys, Fired UP, Bounty Hunter, Iron Outlaw and Obsession. Saturday, the 1pm show was racing, with Jimmy Creten in Bounty...