1. MonsterGirl74

    Marvel Captain America Monster Truck Here's a video of the new Marvel monster. Let's try to keep the discussion about the truck. Like, who's going to drive it? Or, if it's going to run in Monster Jam, and not just the scripted show next year?
  2. American Ride

    South America- the truth must be told!!!

    Hello monster truck fans this is Mike Fonder President of A.P.Motorsports and the producer of the Monster Truck Wars Tour to South America. Some people know and some dont that our tour has had a lot of ups and downs while on tour to South America and worked with some good promoters and ofcourse...
  3. A

    Do you Love America?! Do you Love Monster Trucks?! Do you have a FB?!

    Joke has run it's course! Thanks for participating!
  4. American Ride

    A.P.Motorsports update of South America tour

    A.P.Motorsports has a press release with an update of the Monster Truck War Tour 2010-2011 available on the Extreme Monster Truck Coverage website. Updated schedule will be available shortly as we make the final contracts for shows coming up the rest of the year and next year! Mr. Microphone:D
  5. American Ride

    A.P.Motorsports returns to South America

    Round 2 for the Monster Truck War Tour 2010 to invade Santiago,Chili this Sunday August 8, 2010 with two big shows! 12 noon and 6pm shows at the Movistar Arena featuring the Superstars of the Monster Truck War Tour Monster Patrol, Godzilla, Sin City Crusher, Grim Reaper and Burning Money along...
  6. Patrick Carroll

    Monster Patrol on America's worst drivers next Sunday 3/28

    On Travel channels show America's wrost driver from Chicago will have the loser's car crushed by Monster Patrol.. It should be @ 10 local time in Travel Channel.