1. S

    Grave Digger 30th anniversary Paint Scheme

    For its 30th anniversary, I think the paint scheme should stay the same - except for the tombstones. One side should have the names of the current trucks (Max D, Bounty Hunter, Avenger, El Toro, etc), while the other side, the classic trucks (Awesome Kong, USA-1, Equalizer, Bear Foot, No...
  2. C

    Grave Digger 25th Anniversary Puff Truck

    I have a Grave Digger 25th anniversary puff truck it is silver and says limited edition 1 of 1000 on it with Dennis Andersons autograph on it they was sold at the world finals on march 24th 2007 in las vegas I was wondering how much it is worth I cant find another one like it on ebay or any...
  3. ricrush

    Grave Digger 25th Anniversary puff truck

    I know these are hard to find and finally I decided to part with it. This is the 1 of 1000 made Grave Digger 25th anniversary puff truck. Heres an ebay link to it....
  4. KD58

    BIGFOOT 35th Anniversary calendar = old school goodies.

    Ok, so this isn't just a shameless plug, I promise! I just wanted to share with you a quick story behind the new BIGFOOT 35th Anniversary calendar. I was fortunate enough to be handed the wheel to steer this project a couple months ago, and it meant quite alot to me to be given that...
  5. BIGFOOTfan25

    BIGFOOT 35th anniversary

    do you guys think BIGFOOT has any big plans for their upcoming 35th anniversary in 2010? i would like to see the all blue body make another come back(wish they would have kept that look:()! or maybe see a '74 fiberglass body on one of the racers. i think what i would like to see most of all is...
  6. R

    10th Anniversary Back To School Bash @ Lowes

    Line up for Circle K Back To School Bash At Lowe's Motor Speedway on August 15th includes: 1. Defending champion, Equalizer 2. Samson 3. Raminator 4. War Wizard 5. Stone Crusher 6. Nitemare 7. Mopar Magic 8. Tailgator 9. Avenger 10. Brutus And TENTATIVE plans...
  7. DiggerXX

    Hot Wheels Grave Digger #33 (25th Anniversary Chrome)

    Hello. I already have one of these trucks, but I am searching for another. I have tried eBay, but all the trucks they have are the "Grim" paint chrome ones, and the black 25th Anniversary trucks. Is there any website that sells previous runs of Hot Wheels monster trucks that I might be able...
  8. DiggerXX

    Grave Digger 25th Anniversary Chrome

    Does anyone have a youtube video of the Grave Digger 25th Anniversary Chrome Freestyle from WF 8 that was shown on SPEED TV? Not one you recorded yourself, but the one that was on TV? Thanks
  9. DiggerXX

    Black Grave Digger 25th Anniversary Wallpapers

    I have been looking all over for a picture of the 25th anniversary Grave Digger (the black one, or regular one) to use as a desktop wallpaper. Anyone know of any good places to find one? Grave Digger XXII will work too if anyone has a high resolution picture. Thanks
  10. M

    On The Anniversary

    Sunday, the 19th, marks the one year anniversary of Dave Harkey's passing. On behalf of my family and I, we have never forgotten how special of a person Dave was and we never will. You will forever be in our hearts. We love you!