1. Garrett Hanson

    Question on Sponsor

    hey yall. first (and maybe only post who knows lol) so should make a good first impression. does anybody know what sponsor this is? been trying to find it but pretty much gave up on it. know that eradicator and backdraft ran it. (arrow shown for clarification)
  2. peter434445

    Backdraft Logos needed

    Looking for good picture/image of Backdraft logo, door logo, and image of side of truck with fire apparatus.. Thanks, Peter
  3. R

    THREE brand new sites to start the new year!

    BIG thank you to Dustin Hart for all of his help; he's done fantastic lately. The fruits of his labor include new sites for Backdraft, Mopar Magic, and Equalizer/Hot Tamale, which can be seen below:
  4. D

    Backdraft Hot Wheels Now For Sale on

    Hey guys, just figured I'd let those of you who collect the 1/64 scale hot wheels that we've just posted them for sale on the Backdraft website. So show some love for Jeremy and get yours today. Jeremy is also working on getting some t-shirts done soon and will be available through the store...
  5. G

    my backdraft model(new texture)

    Tell me what you guys think of my backdraft 2010 scheme. It's basically a re-texture of my old model. But there stuff to be done to it texture wise and model wise.
  6. R

    Backdraft site!

    Hey everyone, Just another update from the AllMonster folks; check out for a few news and notes, one of them being the completion of the site for Jeremy Slifko's Backdraft monster truck: Thanks, and enjoy! You never know what else may...