1. M

    new Bounty Hunter

    the new Bounty Hunter is black that Darren is driveing
  2. ChromeThunder

    Bounty Hunter name on Pat Gerbers Truck

    Anyone have the story behind this? All I know is that it looks SICK!
  3. ChromeThunder

    Design the new Bounty Hunter!

    Stumbled across this last night while I couldn't sleep. Pretty cool promo if you ask me! (however i did not see the age limit at first...) And some info about Andy Boy sponsoring Jimmy's team now...
  4. EdCFP

    Bounty Hunter and KING Krunch and El Matador

    We are proud to announce that Bounty Hunter was confirmed for some of our Summer dates yesterday and you can find more on We also would like to welcome David with King Krunch - El Matador to our team also. It is going to be cool to bring trucks to areas that have...
  5. bountyhunterfan

    Bounty or Bigfoot

    Who would you rather watch Bounty Hunter or Bigfoot?
  6. B

    Anyone else think Crusader's paint is a ripoff of Bounty Hunter?

    I didnt think so til I saw vids of Houston. Now I do.
  7. Outlaw

    Bounty Hunter to get a new frame?

    As per the 2Xtreme Racing Facebook page, Jimmy's PEi chassis from 1999 has been sold and is being shipped to Minnesota to become the new Martial Law. So is Jimmy getting a new frame or just dropping down to two trucks.
  8. M

    A Rare Racing Defeat for Bounty Hunter

    Shelley beats Creten two years in a row! You go girl!YouTube - Shell-Camino vs. Bounty Hunter
  9. EdCFP

    Bounty Hunter with Make a Wish Check this link out. Kurt Workman came to us as a kid fresh outta college a few months ago as he answered a post here on Mayhem. He needed the hours to get his degree and he has went from an intern to a...
  10. bountyhunterfan

    Bounty Hunter

    How old is the current chassis that Jimmy Creten runs for his Bounty Hunter?:bounty hunter:
  11. F

    A few pics from SLU featuring Bounty, Bigfoot

    Here are some pics from the show this past Saturday night with pics of Bounty Hunter, Bigfoot, Prowler, and Predator. I was on the end so I got some good shots of the wheelie comp, but i have a cheap camera, and the batteries were going dead, enjoy.
  12. USA1Lives

    MustRead Bounty Hunter Monster Truck Bed.. Awesome!

    Check out this awesome Bounty Hunter Monster Truck Bed, it even has real tires on it. It is out in the state of Washington... Maybe someone on here might want it.
  13. RetroLane

    Got my Bounty Hunter Wheely King!

    My Bounty Hunter Wheely King came in today. Already scratched up the body a little after two runs. I must say it's a very fun truck to drive and my kids love it as well. Seems to handle pretty well and can take a beating. Being able to do slap wheelies is of course very cool. :cool...

    Bounty Hunter van bodied hotwheel

    Hey guys, My collection of monster truck hotwheels was busted into by my 2yr old. :D darn guy :D (I actually didnt care, its time they get used) and well, I got looking at one of the bounty hunter trucks and its not an expedition body, its the nitro van body with bounty hunter paint...
  15. EMTCoverage

    Bounty Hunter and Iron Outlaw at Suburban Drive Line in Rosemont, Illinois

    Come check out Bounty Hunter and Iron Outlaw at Suburban Drive Line in Rosemont on Thursday, February 12 from Noon - 4:00PM! Suburban Drive Line is located at 747 West North Avenue, Villa Park, IL 60181 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Come...