1. J

    Clark info

    I just got a killer deal on these axles and I think they are the big ones that some of yall run. Can Anyone conferm that these are the 20tons and tell me what this tag means? Series 18.655-R Total Red 131834
  2. M

    Clark parts for sale

    Clark alxes, spindles, and fab housings not stock braced for sale. To much stuff to list on here. Email Jeremy Slifko at [email protected] We have a picture will post later.
  3. M

    Clark County Fair Shows

    I'm going to both Saturday and Sunday shows! I know Time Flys and Fired Up will be there. Any body else going? Anybody know the full lineup of trucks? It should be a good one this year. :)
  4. A

    CRD Clark Parts??

    Does anyone have any info on these parts. Read about their possible existence in another thread, but that's about it. I'd like to know what parts they are making.
  5. M

    Needed Clark Champaign

    Needed! 20 ton Clark Champaign! Anything in Michigan? email [email protected] or [email protected] Thank you!
  6. R.R.I

    Clark 20 ton plants, Found in skidder? Loader???

    So im still looking for clark 20 ton plants. I have got a few phone calls from old loggers up here in the north west with info that they are parting out an old skidder or two, They are clark skidders an have plants, But does anyone know if there was a certain skidder model or loader that had...
  7. D

    Clark Parts and 680 Center Chunk 4-Sale

    I have (1) 680 Center Chunk in GOOD condition.. I have Clark parts for sale also. (Hub, Axles and Champagne Glass) ... Willing to TRADE a GOOD 620 for our GOOD 680. Clarks parts 800.00 OBO. Please feel free to contact me.. Will Send Pictures. 609-625-3481 Thanks...
  8. 72ZEBRA

    What axle combo is Bennet Clark running??

    His center section looks tiny. Does anyone have any closeup pics of it?
  9. R.R.I

    Clark planetarys needed.!!!! Any out there? 15ton?

    So here we go with another post. Thanks for all the info on the tires I found a set up I'm going to purchase. Now I need 4 Clark planetary ends. It going on a monster that's going to see air time. I heard there are a few different versions ones good for a ride truck an ones that's work for the...
  10. D

    Housings with 15 ton Clark planetary's 4 sale

    I have 2 15 ton Clark Planetary's with 106 housing's and axles ready to go. .(No center Sections) These will be good for a Ride Truck, Mud Truck or anything with big tires. lol. Any questions please feel free to call or e-mail me. $ 4,000 obo Phone # 609-625-3481 E-mail-...
  11. R.R.I


    I know this post is a bit earily but this event has allways been a favorite of mine i have attended it since the first show was held there, I had heard a few things about the show this year an was also wondering if any mayhem'ers will be there?? Stephen, An Chopper??? You guys going to make it...
  12. R

    Clark bolt pattern

    10 lug on what bolt circle??? I really need to know this for our tire cutter. Thanks, Randy
  13. extreme racing

    CLARK COUNTY. WA. 8/16 Monster Tuck racing

    8/16/09 monster trucks return to Ridgefield WA 2 shows 2:30-7:30pm monster trucks. Tuff trucks. Pro arena trucks. An outlaw mini monster trucks. Monster trucks will be straight up racings. Rock star an misbehavin. An don frankish enterprise. Maniac an jurassic attack.
  14. adamsoffroad

    For sale: 10 ton clark planets perfect for ride truck

    I have a pair of steer 10 ton clarks (4 corners) for sale would be perfect for a ride truck or light duty race truck. 2800 or best offer. also comes with stock tires and wheels from the loader they came out of. 814 766 4536 Adam can send pics if needed
  15. D

    Clark county fair video

    Afternoon show YouTube - Clark County Fair Monster Trucks 2008
  16. M

    Clark County Fair

    Two shows this Sunday, 2:00pm show and 7:30pm show. Line up is Deal Breaker, Rock Star, Jurassic Attack, and Maniac. I'm going to both shows and will be filming them. Anyone else going?
  17. S

    Clark Axles

    What are these typically worth? Set for sale close to me, better than my timkens or to much weight? Or are the planets on them used in racing? I might buy to resale the planets.