1. A

    For Sale marchon monster truck racing set Bigfoot snake bite slot car set. Trucks new in bags

    I have the rare marchon mr-1 monster truck racing slot car set. The box is sun faded scratched bent, bumped some tearing on open end flap. The set itself is brand new mint. The origal power supply in the faded box, all track pieces, uncreased undamaged cardboard display board, The trucks...
  2. C

    Looking for a SINGLE Classic Monster Truck Card

    Card 52. I'm willing to pay for it. I have a collection, the guy who sold it to me told me the card was never issued. Well... 7 years later I find out it was issued. I'm really looking forward to finding it. Anyone who has it and wants to acctually sell me one (at a reasonable price)...
  3. C

    Hot Wheels Classic Champion

    OK... I got one of these down in my basement, it's MIB, never been opened and never been played with. How much is something like this worth and who here might be interested in buying it offa me?
  4. Bad Dude

    Anyone ever check out Youtube today?

    It's fun to use the "1911" button with monster truck videos. Old school, indeed!
  5. Cale Putnam

    Classic Sears Wish Book Awesomeness

    Found a stellar collection of old Christmas catalogs on Flickr. There are tons of great old M/T toys found in these pages. I'm linking to the wider galleries since there's too many cool individual pages to point out. With the later Wish Books, start with the NASCAR pages and work forward, and...
  6. D

    classic looking truck for sale. or these fast ones. Don
  7. theace27

    Wendy's Classic Crusher/War Wagon

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew what happened with this truck? I think I remember hearing it was parted out and sold off but thought I would ask about it again. This picture is from video I shot at Bigfoot's back in 1990. The truck was sitting out back of the shop. There is a picture on...
  8. S

    My 1990 Classic autographed card set

    Hey everyone, I've mentioned my set a few times in old posts, but I thought it might be fun to give it its own thread. So, here it is :)... already signed: 1 ? Bob Chandler 2 ? Jim Kramer 3 ? Excaliber (by Charlie Pauken) 4 ? Goliath (by Alan Tura) 5 ? Jeff Bergemann 6 ? Clydesdale (by...
  9. Cale Putnam

    Obsession Bud Light ad debuts on Winter Classic

    "Too Heavy" an entrance, lol. It explains the big paper mache head we saw a while back.
  10. Nagi

    Classic Monsters Results Forum

    A short while back, there was a website called Classic Monsters that focused on the sale and trade of classic monster truck videos. It also had a forum where users cataloged monster truck race results from the present all the way back to the early 1980s. It was an incredibly impressive...
  11. MCMsports

    Classic trading cards

    i was looking thru my trading cards and found two extra #65 John paint driver of Bf #4 and # 77 Kid Rarig of Thunder Chicken both are mint, name a price and add .42 cents to cover postage. im not looking to become a millionaire. OK who ever wants them F R E E just add a stamp COME ON DOWN...
  12. RnW 13

    Classic and Leasley Trading Cards

    Curious on if anyone full sets of both series of Trading Cards for a reasonable price. I used to have alot of them but course of time took its toll and a few are left. would like some not opened and or in open near mint condition(opened and put away type deal). Let me know what you have please.
  13. VVITch

    Some Questions on trucks

    Whatever happened to, Spiderman's chassis (2001-2003) Ragin Steel in general Firemouth in general nWo's chassis (USHRA) High Roller in general
  14. D

    1:64 Classic Trucks

    I've got a ton of 1:64 trucks that I'm considering popping the bodies off of and trying to build classic trucks out of. Has anyone tried this, and how did they come out? My first idea is to get pictures on Photoshop and make decals so I don't have to paint the logos of the trucks. This should...
  15. BiteMeStudios

    Classic Pictures Needed!!!

    Hello All...I need your help. I am in need of some classic pictures of the Taurus monster trucks, as well as some of the older Bigfoot trucks that you would be willing to donate to a video project I am working on. You will be credited (provided you send along your copyright information) for...