1. fastj14

    tall cool 1 racer?

    Back on page 15 of the old school pic thread there's some pictures of Tall Cool 1 inside a trailer unfinished. What ever became of it?
  2. ThePhotoDemon

    Some cool info I recently learned about Stomper I...

    I was talking with my Dad recently, and he gave me a little more info on Stomper... He said that the truck that was used was a prototype model of the new-for-1988 body style that had been built in about '85 and tested extensively by GM. GM basically gave someone the keys and said "Put 250,000...
  3. ChromeThunder

    Cool article on Motor Trend of Digger

    I must admit, Digger looks pretty good on a black chassis, especially Adam's! And the video at the bottom of the page is sweet!
  4. ThePhotoDemon

    REALLY cool photos!

    Go here: One of these (first page, second from the right) will be of particular interest to some of us here. My boss introduced me to this website this morning.
  5. L

    Cool overhead shots looks like the Monsters Of Destruction even from a few years ago. Wondering what other overhead shots of Monster Truck events are out there.
  6. ChromeThunder

    Pretty cool article on TopGear site of Digger

    Pretty cool little read, hopefully this might make the show one of these days.
  7. P

    Tall Cool 1 for sale......

    found this o Extreme Trucks Facebook page, and uploaded it to Imageshack so that all could see, looks like its for sale
  8. P

    cool pictures of my truck(also very big pictures)

    when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, its probably just my truck....
  9. monster_master86

    Cool old school monster video i found

    Here is a cool old school video i found. YouTube- Monster Trucks rip up Ludwig's Corner
  10. S

    Cool Dodge Tank Truck

    -this gets you onto the site, the 2 truck pics are towards the bottom, you'll have to scroll down a lil' bit. There is other cool stuff on there too:)
  11. F

    Cool Article about Tractor Pulling

    Here's a cool article I found from my home province. Apparently the guy loves tractor pulling so much he's decided to invest in and make his own sled. I hope it works out for him, and I'm stoked to hear the Boss Blue pulling team may come back too...
  12. I

    cool bigfoot pics

    ok i cant loud them
  13. Cale Putnam

    Cool little Quebecois Easter egg on Bing Maps

    I was admiring the architecture of the former home of Les Nordiques, when I spotted some familiar sights out back of le Colisee Pepsi. A whole new perspective on things...
  14. Cale Putnam

    New Lego set with cool Towasaurus and El Toro-inspired trucks Rather cool, actually. Makes me wish I was a kid again!
  15. D

    this would be cool if done for vegas OT nascar This would be cool for world finals. Put people to last place to see there reactions
  16. monsterjamman24

    another cool mt game besides not being able to make your own track it is a little better than the other game.
  17. jeb134

    The Official Monster Mayhem Video Thread

    YouTube - Grants Pass,Or 10-99 Wow...I don't know what was better, parts of the trucks flying off, or the fact that some of the drivers were in t-shirts and jeans...