1. modeltruckshop

    Museum and Hall of Fame work day

    Saturday was a work day at the International Monster Truck Museum and Hall of Fame. We were able to tire up GOLIATH for the first time in almost two decades,that was the biggest news. We also got Bigfoot 1 back on display,Mud Monster was added as well. We got more display cases filled and more...
  2. #75race

    April Fool's Day

    Yeah I know it's the day after, but I'm curious if any of you guys here were involved in any April Fool's Day pranks yesterday. Whether you pulled a prank or were a victim of one, let's hear some stories! I'm sad to say I wasn't involved in any April Fool's pranks, as I was working yesterday...
  3. #75race

    Your Day Job

    I thought it would be interesting for us to tell each other what we do for a day job, whether it be just something small-time to earn money with, or a life-long career. What do you guys think? As for me, I just have a small time job, (at least for now) in sales, at a kitchen-supply store.
  4. P

    Live from sema all day today - monster truck radio!

    We're interviewing drivers and industry professionals all day, so come stop by, log on and say hey or ask your questions. ALL LIVE RIGHT HERE FROM SEMA IN VEGAS! SEE YOU THERE Producer Tyson Click this link to go directly to the show page:
  5. R

    Monster Truck Radio live from SEMA all day today and tomorrow !

    Monster Truck Radio on USTREAM: - LIVE INTERVIEWS WITH MONSTER TRUCK DRIVERS EVERY MONDAY NIGHT AT 9pm EST. Ask your favorite drivers... interviews starting at 3 pm eastern time
  6. MTFan_Kyle101

    Monster Jam Path of Destruction time of day feature???

    Hi do you guys think that there will be a time of day feature? Las Vegas is daytime!
  7. Bad Habit

    World record jump media day

    Practice jump just part of Media Day for World Record Monster Truck Jump Contact: Team E Media, Pat Donnelly, [email protected] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Weedsport, NY August 24th ? Members of the media will get their first glimpse of Monster Truck Bad Habit, and driver Joey Sylvester on...
  8. C

    Fathers Day R/C Sale & Giveaway!

    It's Fathers Day and what better gift to give than a R/C? Today and tomorrow only, we'll be offering free US shipping on all website orders over $10. In addition, we're offering a number of products with special pricing this weekend. Finally, we will be giving away a $20 gift certificate to...
  9. R

    Memorial Day Weekend shows around NC,SC,GA, AL ?

    Hey, not sure if this is early to ask but i'm going to asheville nc on memorial day weekend with the family then after that head on down to Fort Walton/Destin Florida and i was wondering if there were any monster truck shows happening in between there. Thanks
  10. F

    Yeah Fly Had a Monster Truck back in the day

    Here is my beast I built in 92-93. Haha 2x6 box frame, springworks 14"springs, 2.5rockwells, Full hydro 4 wheer steer. All steel 53 chevy panel doorslammer, TH400, NP205, One of the very first 502 long blocks, recammed, ported and injected. 48x31 terras on 20x24 wheels Sorry these are the...
  11. fastj14

    Bigfoot helps make a five-year-old's day

    Seen this on one of the local racing forums I visit daily... Pretty cool of them to do that.
  12. S

    monster truck trading cards back in the day

    ok i just bought my first house back in dec and we are finnally gettin things all settled and moved in and i was goin thru some stuff and found my old monster truck trading cards from 1990 they are classic brand cards and i remember gettin them when i was little so i want to know does...
  13. R

    Monster needed to make kids day!

    Ok so I posted this last year and things haven't changed much so I figure I'd repost sorta. I'd really like to make my son's day since we couldn't afford to hit the Indy Monster Jam this year. And Rock Mud Sand is still getting off it's butt. Who said magazine's were easy? Not me. But my...
  14. MCMsports

    Happy turkey day

    HAPPY TURKEY DAY ! ! ! ! ! ! to all the gang and the guys who make this site KOOL and keep it up and running for dorks like me. AND to those who keep America safe army navy marines police firefighters - God bless
  15. American Ride

    Sad day at A.P.Motorsports

    We at A.P.Motorsports are sad to announce the passing of one of our biggest fans and supporters! Emerdine Wesoloski my mother in law and best friend!! She was a huge monster truck fan and loved to attend shows to help with anything! Park cars, sell ride tickets, sell merchandise, sell pit...
  16. D

    Truck Related Photo of the Day

    It's getting a little slow on shows & I'm trying to get my photos in order from this year all 13000+ photos :Confused: So I thought I would get this going again I enjoy seeing everyones photos I thought these was sool shots all the trucks lined up end to end
  17. ProTruckChallenge

    Remember what the day is....

    I know i'm usually not the one to start these things, But I believe at least on this date, it should be remembered, so please, keep the familys involved in the horrible tragidy from 911 in your thoughts today...
  18. MCMsports

    I laugh to this day

    Guys and gals - i've watched this over a million times even build the truck the way it was in this clip as i get older and realize i laugh at this every time L O L the Good ole days . . . . . YouTube - Sgt Slaughter vs Bigfoot- Wrestlecrap GOLD
  19. BiteMeStudios

    Happy Canada Day!

    Happy Canada Day to our "north of the border" friends! Long live Canuckistan!
  20. wncmtnguy51

    Memorial Day 2009

    As we prepare for the first big weekend of summer,,let us not forget the real reason for the holiday. Memorial Day is the day for all Americans to pay their respects to the brave men and women who have defended this great country and paid the supreme price. Without their sacrifices, there would...