el toro loco

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    If you are not aware of this you may miss a lot enjoy...

    lately i heve found a channel that makes a lot nice monster truck stuff and i wanted to share it with you guys hope you enjoy it keep up!
  2. Steel Dragon

    Truck Related El Toro Loco

    Whatever happened to the dark red/burgundy body that Lupe ran on his El Toro in 2008? Do any of the them still use it, or was it just a one-season thing? Also, does anyone have any decent pics of it? The only ones I've seen are on Taft's site. :/
  3. Cale Putnam

    You know it's bad when you recognize just damaged parts...

    LN has a new batch of truck parts for sale, including this lovely beat-up El Toro tailgate: http://stores.musictoday.com/store/product.asp?band_id=1440&dept_id=10574&pf_id=1CAMMT332&sfid=2 I immediately thought to my self, "Gee, I wonder if it's the tailgate Cohen bonked in Worcester?" So I...