1. C

    finally i get to do some practice.

    the video is being uploaded to youtube as we speak but here's a small picture from the footage i got today. i kid you not it took MONTHS to get one of my friends down here to record some practice for me. i wasn't gonna do it all by myself with no one around because if i had a accident then no...
  2. K

    Finally got my engine

    I picked up a 500 ci caddy a few days ago and got it torn down. Either today or tomorrow I'm taking it to a machine shop to get bored out. Expecting to make 1200hp and around 1100 ftlbs. Now I just have to find time to weld some tube.
  3. JER

    Reckless Drivin' finally on big boy tires.

    Here are some pics of the Reckless Drivin' monster truck. HUGE thanks to Perrin Motorsports, my family and friends for all the help with this project!!! To Rich and the gang at Concussion Motorsports the axle housings look SWEET!!!
  4. Cale Putnam

    New version of Gene Rally finally out

    Superb, small, and super-moddable game Gene Rally finally got an update after almost 7 years last month. You can get it at While there is a default Monster in the game, I made some privateer MJ trucks back in college for it, and they are available in the forums at...
  5. adamsoffroad

    finally put the floaters on it. lol

    Well finally put the 66's on the truck with my wheels I made. Gonna do a little more goofin around with the truck then the body is comin off and I'm gonna put the full cage in it and get it ready for fiberglass body and the other finishing touches to make it show ready. And the new swaybars...
  6. P

    Finally, got some time to upload photos.

    Almost 20 days ago it was Saturday of opening weekend of Q1. If you can recall, I went to both Council Bluffs and Des Moines. So here are my photos from the Afternoon and Evening.!/album.php?aid=2369987&id=17223263
  7. J

    Silly Season explained (Finally)

    Not sure if anyone say, but Scott Douglas posted a blog on MosnterJam explaining all the driver changes. Granted most we expected, but atleast now we can see it stated officially. If you don't want to read, here's a quick recap of...
  8. ChromeThunder

    Well its about time, Traxxas finally came through!

    Yes sir, I will be first in line!
  9. Cale Putnam

    Finally melted, here's some Manchester photos and thoughts.

    Three things stood out to me yesterday: It was cold. Ice cold. Slurpee brain freeze cold. Especially when the doors are open to load up the trucks at the end of the show. I don't know what it is about New Hampshire, but NO ONE comes out to see these shows. There were about 6-7000 in...
  10. BIGFOOTfan25

    BIGFOOT 35th anniversary

    do you guys think BIGFOOT has any big plans for their upcoming 35th anniversary in 2010? i would like to see the all blue body make another come back(wish they would have kept that look:()! or maybe see a '74 fiberglass body on one of the racers. i think what i would like to see most of all is...
  11. TheMonsterFactory

    Ive Finally got to see CADAVER !

    Just wanted to post a few pics. of Cadaver. Ive been wanting to see this truck for quite some time. I must say the truck is killer clean in person and very cool. The team/guys are super cool too !! 2 thumbs up ! and this is my lil custom of Cadaver
  12. 72ZEBRA

    finally got the name on HAWGWILD

    :D What do you all think? Just kept it simple. BIG but simple. Thanks to Jessica and Jason at Graphic Options in Bonne Terre Missouri. A HAWGWILD fan sporting our temporary tattoo!!:D
  13. 1fasts10


    Man I have been trying to get on here for ever. Just got the computer back from the shop and now I am able to get on. I am 35 and been a fan of monster trucks as far back as I can remember. I remember watching Bigfoot and USA-1 race on "That's Incredible" around 82. I will share some of my pics...
  14. AndrewPellegrine

    Show Related Myrtle Beach Shots finally up!

    Sorry about the delay, between demo derbys, Six Flags and having gum surgury I really dropped the ball on getting these pictures up. I'll post a review when I get back, just pictures for now, gotta go see how bad the Bears are gonna be this year, haha.