1. U

    If you are not aware of this you may miss a lot enjoy...

    lately i heve found a channel that makes a lot nice monster truck stuff and i wanted to share it with you guys hope you enjoy it keep up!
  2. gmrcs

    New wrap For Dennis Anderson's Freestyle the Ride

    Oh Yeah!!/photo.php?fbid=10150852997940500&set=a.238736360499.285080.626910499&type=1&theater Looking Good!
  3. Bigfulla

    Freestyle win for Clive Featherby over Kreg Christensen

    Parklands Gold Coast Monster trucks finally roared back into Gold Coast Parklands sixteen months after Their last invasion of this great facility. EMT events presented Five racing monster trucks and unveiled the new look Buster the rides truck formerly known as REX to the Qld community which...
  4. deadgearhead

    Freestyle scoring

    Does Feld use a concrete system for scoring freestyle runs and do they give bonus points for moves such as wheelies, saves and cyclones? Flame away, but I'm asking because I've seen a bunch of questionable scores even since they stopped taking scores from the crowd.
  5. L

    LBTV's MJWF Videos Thread (Racing, Freestyle, Encores)

    Plenty of vids to chose from! Here is our vantage point after our first World Finals! Playlist: If you'd like to find individual runs, they are up on our profile: Enjoy!
  6. okchevy29

    OKC Freestyle mania

    Here is a clip from youtube of Porter flipping his new digger in the wheelie contest. He said it was the first time the truck has went over.
  7. L

    San Diego Racing and Freestyle

    Racing : YouTube - Monster Jam Racing San Diego Freestyle: YouTube - Monster Jam Freestyle - San Diego Enjoy :D
  8. J

    Show Related Houston Freestyle Mania

    I will be going any one else. I also will be in Lake Charles January 21 for the Monster Truck Thunder Slam.
  9. O

    Freestyle Mania on the news in Milwaukee.

    Heres a few videos of this mornings news shows featuring Monster Jam and Grave Digger with Gary Porter in Milwaukee. Basic news story but fun anyways. I don't know if they're jsut done with building the couse yet or if they changed it from last year, but it looks differant either way. Enjoy...
  10. Snowball

    Show Related Photos from Watsonville Fly-In & Airshow

    This weekend, Living the Dream Racing got to perform for our hometown crowd at the 46th annual Watsonville Fly-In and Airshow. The Airshow is non-profit, and helps local organizations, and Donate Life came out and recruited some new donors as well. Following some fun freestyles for Friday and...
  11. B

    First Freestyle shows?

    Does anyone on here know what year freestyle started? And, what year was it shown on telivision for the first time?
  12. Stomping The Bully

    Inside Monster Jam Rambo Freestyle

    I downloaded imj to my phone and in the event where Parker driving Grave Digger wins at minny. Rambo the leafer is shown freestyling. I was wondering if anyone had the footage of this run/event. Plus when did that truck retire.
  13. M

    Cincinnati Freestyle Videos

    They are not the highest quality but some have asked for them so here they are. I have arranged them below in the order of the runs.
  14. Bad Habit

    Bad habit freestyle from the beach!

    Big thanks to Jeff Bruzee for the awesome footage of my freestyle from Saturday afternoon's MOnsters on the Beach show in Virginia Beach, Va!
  15. EdCFP

    Freestyle point bonus in Pocatello?

    How many bonus points should it be worth for a COMPLETED BACK FLIP in Poctello?? The fans in that area have never seen could win the championship and be the move of the night.
  16. MTFan10

    Monster Freestyle Racing (MFR)

    Does anyone have a direct link to the game download? I really dont wanna risk getting a virus for this game lol :D
  17. B.E.MPhotoBrett

    Detroit Freestyle on SPEED

    Anybody notice something missing from the telecast? They didn't show Dennis Anderson's Encore! Dennis had a awesome encore freestyle run, including some MASSIVE air. They usually show the encore's if there are any. I was personally excited to see the encore on tv and it is a shame they didn't...
  18. F

    freestyle world finals jumps

    what kind of jumps do you think will be at the world finals?
  19. jeb134

    World Finals Freestyle Champion Runs

    I don't know about you guys, but I always like to watch all of the World Finals before going to Vegas each year, and it's always amazing to me to watch the evolution of the obstacles and the quality of run needed to win (plus the commentary). So here they all are if you want to watch them all...
  20. D

    Monster Jam Intro/ Freestyle Songs

    I've heard of the songs played for the big names such as Digger, Max D, Blue Thunder, etc., but I was curious if anybody knew the intro/ freestyle songs for these trucks -Grinder -Brutus -Destroyer -Donkey Kong -Iron Man -Stone Crusher -Turtle -War Wizard -Black Stallion -Instigator...