grave digger

  1. U

    If you are not aware of this you may miss a lot enjoy...

    lately i heve found a channel that makes a lot nice monster truck stuff and i wanted to share it with you guys hope you enjoy it keep up!
  2. JCMotors

    Grave Digger Pickup

    I was wondering about the Grave Digger pickup that competes once and a while. How often do they race it? Has it been replaced by the new Grave Digger the Legend?
  3. Xander505

    Pics from a 1995 monster truck show & autographs from another

    Alright, here's some more pics as I promised. These pics are from August 1995 in Antigo, WI. The field of trucks included Grave Digger VII (Robert Parker I believe), Taurus (Elden Depew), Monster Patrol (Tom Meents), Devastator (Mark Schroeter), Barbarian (Jim Miller), Cook-E Monster (pretty...
  4. MC Dirt

    Truck Related Digger on Sports Show W/Norm McDonald

    Just passing this along. I was watching Sports Show with Norm Macdonald tonight. They showed Son Vua Digger from World Finals 12.
  5. massei054

    Show Related Englishtown August 18

    All American Jet Car Nationals and Monster Truck Meltdown. Who plans on making the trip out there in two weeks? The bottom of the page says the line up will be Grave Digger, Black Stallion, Iron Warrior, Maximum Destruction, El Toro, Superman & more, and the paragraph at the top says "8 Monster...
  6. Richard Scott

    "Grave Digger" fans,Check out the new MUD LIFE

    I just got the FEB/MARCH 2010 issue in the mail. It is AWESOME !! There is a great 7 page photo spread of OLD SKOOL Grave Digger pics. Diggers first car crush and much, much more!! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME stuff. And there is also a nice feature on the "Razin Kane" monster truck as well. Thanks...
  7. R

    Two new sites released!

    Hey guys, Just wanted to remind you that as of tonight, AllMonster has released two new sites in the past month or so. They are: ^Jim Hochstatter's Freedom Force Monster truck. We thank Jim for his time! and