1. carcrusher

    Darian Grubb Wins Cup Championship, Loses Job I thought something was up when he wasn't celebrating at all after the end of the race. Shame.
  2. MC Dirt

    Take this job and Shove it on Netflix

    If you never seen "Take this job and shove it" now you can on see on Netflix online or your XBOX, Wii, or PS3.
  3. #75race

    Your Day Job

    I thought it would be interesting for us to tell each other what we do for a day job, whether it be just something small-time to earn money with, or a life-long career. What do you guys think? As for me, I just have a small time job, (at least for now) in sales, at a kitchen-supply store.
  4. S

    Great job Monster Blog

    Thank you to Ross and Monster Blog for a unbelievable task of keeping track of every Monster Truck Show this year!!! Congrats to "Bounty" "Digger", "Meents" and all that performed so well...This is the 1st time I think you can look and see who is doing what!!! Great Job!!!!!!!!!! Also "Outlaw"...
  5. R

    Driving Job

    Hello everyone, I just came across this website, and thought it would be an easier way to find more useful information about monster trucks. I love monster trucks and am a huge fan and was wondering you anyone on here knew of any teams looking for new drivers. I know it sounds stupid cause what...
  6. MCMsports

    Bright paint job on this truck

    Was looking thru the " photo album " and saw this truck Wow what a sharp paint job
  7. ChromeThunder

    New War Wizard Paint Job

    Not too sure if i like it. YouTube - The BUCK 2009
  8. S

    Awesome Job in Billings Last Night Zane!!!

    Great show!! Good mud!! Quality line-up!! Don't know how it's possible but it's better everytime time!! Had a Suburban full of happy kids on the way home!! They can't wait for November. Thanks again!!
  9. D

    Truck Related Looking for a job

    Hey everyone! I was recommended to this site by Dan Patrick Ent. as a place I may be able to find out some info. I was wondering if anyone knew how to find out if Team Digger may be hiring for anything? I drive a tractor trailer for a living and can pretty much work on anything. I'd like to get...
  10. S

    GREAT Job in Billings Last Night CFP!!!

    Guys, that was awesome! You are managing to outdo yourselves every time you come back! LOVED that track layout and race style! Adam, Killer Announcing, Mad Skills Bud!!! I had a PILE of kids w/ me last night and they were losin' their minds! It's a 180 miles home and they were all sleeping on...