1. M

    Truck Related Original 6x6 Monster?

    I have heard conflicting reports on who was the first to build a six wheel drive monster truck. I have seen a magazine clip saying that Matt Perderson was the first with his Six-Foot. However, that same clip said something else. It said that they had originally reported that Charles Flynn's Big...
  2. M

    Custom made Vette King/Sting on Dragons Breath body TeamMeents/Goldberg on Max D body

    Does anybody know of where (websites) I could possibly find/buy a custom made Vette King on the Dragon's Breath body style for the 1:64 scale Hot Wheels? And also a Team Meents or Goldberg on the new Max D body? thanks.
  3. Griff747

    Info Question about Scott Stephen's last King Krunch Chassis

    Hello, Mayhemers. I have a question to ask some of you. If you folks remember the old red, white, and blue King Krunch Truck and the chassis, What happened to that chassis? I've contacted David Smith and here is his reply: If anyone has more details about the "redone" of this chassis, please...
  4. HawnMT

    Original King Kong colors?

    I'm building a RC version of the Jeff Dane's original(blue) King Kong and I want to get the colors right. I've long believed the colors to be a slightly lighter dark blue(hope that makes sense) and the other color I thought was silver(especially since it later became red and silver). I saw some...
  5. P

    Jeff Dane - King Kong guest tonight

    Don't miss the show coming on right now!
  6. ChromeThunder

    Bigfoot: King of Crush

    Picked up 2 different 3 packs of Bigfoot diecast trucks at Toys R Us today($9.99 a pack), included was a somewhat decent 30 minute dvd including a trailer for the new Bigfoot game for Wii coming out later this year.... Looks alot like Urban Assualt aside from one thing... sled pulling :eek: ‪New...
  7. TN_Outllaw

    Truck Related Anyone have photos of the 85 Long-bed King Krunch?

    As the title says, I'm looking for photos of the 1985 long-bed King Krunch Monster. I've worn Taft's site out with the photos of it and I'm looking for others to finish a project I've started. Any help will be appreciated!
  8. S

    Truck Related King Rod End Removal: Any Tips or Tricks??

    I posted this in the Industry Section but it doesn't get checked very often so I'm asking it here as well. I'm trying to remove some rod ends from some King shocks with the 1" shaft. I know the threads typically have lock-tite on them, or so I'm told. I have the vice jaws from King and have...
  9. S

    Truck Related King Rod End Removal: Any Tips or Tricks??

    I'm trying to remove some rod ends from some King shocks with the 1" shaft. I know the threads typically have lock-tite on them, or so I'm told. I have the vice jaws from from King and have tried heating the end with a small propane torch, as recommended by King, but they are still being...
  10. EdCFP

    Bounty Hunter and KING Krunch and El Matador

    We are proud to announce that Bounty Hunter was confirmed for some of our Summer dates yesterday and you can find more on We also would like to welcome David with King Krunch - El Matador to our team also. It is going to be cool to bring trucks to areas that have...
  11. Bad Dude

    King of the Road questions

    Lately, I've been mulling over this one monster rig called King of the Road. You may or may not have seen it, it's a 1986 Peterbilt once owned by Don Buchholtz of Wyoming, Iowa. Now, my questions are: 1. Where were the fuel tanks on this rig? The stock fuel tanks appeared to have been...
  12. P

    Jon Zimmer - Amsoil Shock Therapy and David Smith - King Krunch

    Last week flew by unbelievably fast, and all of a sudden its Monday again. Catch us on our next episode of Monster Truck Radio in about 5 minutes. Type in the chat box to sign up or log in. Should be a good time tonight, gather 'round! Click here for link to live video chat (refresh if...
  13. Bad Dude

    King Krunch questions

    A couple questions about King Krunch: 1. I saw a 1973-80 Blazer on 48's with the King Krunch name. Did this become the '84 Blazer with the 66's or were those two different trucks? 2. Did King Krunch II (the one that was on Monster Mania) become the original Coors Brewser or were those also...
  14. Cale Putnam

    King Kong crash on Jalopnik We've all seen the Myrtle Beach Rampage video thousands of times, but Jalopnik and it's commenters (warning: PG13) always have a fun take.
  15. M

    Don King

    I have heard that Don King Sold all truck's and hauler's .Does or can anyone shed any info on this?
  16. P

    Monster Truck Radio 8 Central with Glenn Williams of Southern Sunshine/Cajun King

    Monster Truck Radio tonite with special guest Glenn Williams of Southern Sunshine. Lots of cool stuff about to come out of the Little Green Shop in Sulphur La. Dont Miss this one! Monster Truck Radio on USTREAM:
  17. N

    wheely king help

    hopefully someone can help me, i found an old esc along with an old reciever, on the reciever it has 3 slots, batt. ch. 1 and ch. 2...........can someone tell me which connections go into which slot for the steering servo and the esc?
  18. drjoliver

    Suicide King name CHANGED

    Per the request of promoters the name of the truck is being changed. A corporate sponsorship is in the works and the truck name will be announced when the negotiation process is complete. Stay tuned.
  19. drjoliver

    Suicide King rebuild

    The truck is now in Colorado after 14 hours of hauling. Trip was a ton of fun and we only had 1 trailer tire blow out. I'll be posting all rebuild pics on our Facebook-Suicide King Monster Truck. We have now 1 ride truck and 2 races trucks. Watch for us soon coming to a city near you :D
  20. J

    Show Related King of Sling Competition

    It is like the Top Truck Challange of Mega trucks...there will be jumps and mud and many trucks competing for top spot in this once of a life time event down here in Florida...and I was just wondering if some of you guys can take the time and vote for my good friend JR and his Batman