1. Griff747

    Info Question about Scott Stephen's last King Krunch Chassis

    Hello, Mayhemers. I have a question to ask some of you. If you folks remember the old red, white, and blue King Krunch Truck and the chassis, What happened to that chassis? I've contacted David Smith and here is his reply: If anyone has more details about the "redone" of this chassis, please...
  2. TN_Outllaw

    Truck Related Anyone have photos of the 85 Long-bed King Krunch?

    As the title says, I'm looking for photos of the 1985 long-bed King Krunch Monster. I've worn Taft's site out with the photos of it and I'm looking for others to finish a project I've started. Any help will be appreciated!
  3. EdCFP

    Bounty Hunter and KING Krunch and El Matador

    We are proud to announce that Bounty Hunter was confirmed for some of our Summer dates yesterday and you can find more on We also would like to welcome David with King Krunch - El Matador to our team also. It is going to be cool to bring trucks to areas that have...
  4. P

    Jon Zimmer - Amsoil Shock Therapy and David Smith - King Krunch

    Last week flew by unbelievably fast, and all of a sudden its Monday again. Catch us on our next episode of Monster Truck Radio in about 5 minutes. Type in the chat box to sign up or log in. Should be a good time tonight, gather 'round! Click here for link to live video chat (refresh if...
  5. Bad Dude

    King Krunch questions

    A couple questions about King Krunch: 1. I saw a 1973-80 Blazer on 48's with the King Krunch name. Did this become the '84 Blazer with the 66's or were those two different trucks? 2. Did King Krunch II (the one that was on Monster Mania) become the original Coors Brewser or were those also...
  6. 72ZEBRA

    Old King Krunch on

    Looks like the body. I doubt the chassis is, but you cant really see it in the pic.
  7. ProTruckChallenge

    The Legend Of King Krunch

    how many paint schemes and different trucks has this name run? i've got most... what am I missing? Auto Value King Krunch blue, GMC Auto Value King Krunch blue, Chevy both the white versions of this truck have been removed because of Dennis Taft.
  8. R

    Puyallup WA September 18th including Clydesdale, Martial Law and King Krunch.. Neat Line Up For a Northwestern show. King Krunch, El Matador, Obsession, Clydesdale, Dream Catcher, and Martial Law.
  9. drf

    King krunch Pics

    Does any Body Have Any Good Clear Pics of The Left Side (Driver Side) or The Hood??? Thanks
  10. R

    King Krunch team is expanding! Including a new Fiesta KK Ride Truck. Also have a date on their for a Fort Worth, TX show produced by Lone Star Promotions.
  11. MJKProductions

    King Krunch live camera

    I'm not understanding. Will the KK cam show the World Finals live, or was it just the pit party? Help me out fellow Mayhemers! ;)

    King krunch tour blog check out king krunch's tour blog.there is some funny stuff in there.