1. N

    List of trucks that have done a backflip

    pretty much a straight forward subject, just that with so many people doing/attempting it's tough to remember who all has done it, this is what i have come up with so far truck driver max. d tom meents ghost ryder larry Quick nitro circus cam mcqueen equalizer...
  2. D

    2011 1:24 scale truck list

    Hello, my name is Donovan I am new to the forum as you can tell. Been using the search but have came up short of what i am looking for. Does anyone know where I can find the 2011 1:24 scale truck list for the Hot wheels MJ? Thanks in advance!
  3. J

    List of monster truck parts for sale

    List of monster truck parts for sale: Sorry i can post any pictures, this site isn't allowing me too- just email me and i will send you pictures 1. Misc. Clark planetary parts - axles, hub, spindle, champaign glass, $1,000 or best offer 2. 106 center section 680 ratio - $600 3. Scs...
  4. KRMc

    List of my footage thus far

    I've been transferring my VHS monster truck tapes to DVD... I've literally been taking notes, it's kept me occupied when I'm not working. Here's a rough list of what I have so far: Jacksonville, FL Racing - 2000 Digger 10 - Huffaker Goldberg Madusa (rookie season) nWo - Knell Eradicator...
  5. #75race

    Complete List of Monster Truck TV Programs

    Hi all. I thought it would kinda neat if we started a "contribution list" of sorts, constructed of every Monster Truck TV show ever aired. Since some of us don't know all of them, I thought it would be cool to have something to reference, since new members are coming in more regularly, who...
  6. P

    New Guest List for the show. SEE WHICH DRIVERS ARE LINED UP FOR 2011!

    Hey Everyone, We've come a long way since last year in 2010 with Monster Truck Radio. From all the great interviews we had, to the move back in with Castle Rock Radio's studios, and remoting in from SEMA, and MTRA, there's going to be much more coming from us in the future. Click here for...
  7. M

    2010 monster jam truck list for hotwheels 1:64 scale?

    does anybody have a complete list of 2010 monster trucks matel/hotwheels monster trucks. second question does anyone know when or if there going to make the ironman truck in the 1:64 and 1:24 scales
  8. N

    List of all active Monster trucks?

    This is something I've been wondering for a while, is there any way to create a complete list of all currently active monster trucks accross all boundries, all over the world, and with all promoters? More curious about trucks used for competition than those used for display.
  9. ProTruckChallenge

    Monster Truck Database Needs These Truck! COMPLETE LIST for tube frames

    We have finally finished our list of TUBE FRAME OR 4 LINKED trucks that we need for our database. Below are the 197 out of 990 Tube Frame or 4 Linked trucks that our database will feature. that does not include all of the old school trucks, which at the current moment, runs 1230, meaning that so...
  10. M

    list of all 75 of the 2009

    Does anyone happen to have this list? I saw the 2008 70 truck list and the numbers appear to be different for the 75 list...I sure would appreciate some help
  11. MTFan10

    The Official Monster Jam Urban Assault High Scores List

    My High Score Is 435,789 on San Diego. I Set The Score With Stone Crusher