1. K

    In response to the Ford El Matador

    Awhile back, someone posted a pic of El Matador running a ford body. Is it possible that the ford body is temporary while the chevy El Matador runs as the Break The Chains apparel truck? Just now kinda connected the few dots.
  2. W

    New El Matador paint
  3. EdCFP

    Bounty Hunter and KING Krunch and El Matador

    We are proud to announce that Bounty Hunter was confirmed for some of our Summer dates yesterday and you can find more on We also would like to welcome David with King Krunch - El Matador to our team also. It is going to be cool to bring trucks to areas that have...
  4. J

    Caption This: El Matador Edition

    Setting: Quincy Illinois, directly after running in an infeild covered in mudd. El Matador was towed off track with. . .a little something extra attached: