1. M

    Favorite Mike Welch MT?

    In honor of Mike Welch getting inducted into the International Monster Truck Hall of Fame this year, I think the time has come to voice which monster truck he owned/built/ran that is your favorite. Remember, he built many monsters over the years, so I will try to come up with as many as I can...
  2. G

    What happened to Mike Wine?

    I knew he was driving one of those Mutts then Backwards Bob, then what? Is he still racing at all?
  3. P

    Joey Sylvester and Mike Vaters

    Hey everyone, We want to apologize for not being able to make the show happen last week. As most of you know, the weather for the past week has been pretty bad, and we were unable to make it into studio. We're making up for last week with Joey Sylvester and Mike Vaters on the show...
  4. R

    Mike Lane`s mud crash

    Any video of it out there?
  5. Cale Putnam

    Mike Conway at Indy...

    YouTube- Indy 500 2010 Mike Conway Huge airborne I know I set up the video thread but this is well big enough to justify it's own thread. He's awake and alert, and it looks like he will be OK, but it's time to retire the Dallara's once and for all.
  6. S

    Mike Welch Motorsports Update

    It is official, the crew (Mike, Chopper and myself) will be getting back together this summer in Portland and the Peterbilt mold that has been sitting in a trailer for the last 14 years will be popping out a new piece of history. Thats right, the critics can say what they want about our...
  7. wildfoot94:

    mike hogwood.

    yall i was watching ring of honor on youtube.and i saw mike hogwood up there hosting. i haven't seen him since the tnn era of monster jam.the nascar shows.and the acc basketball tourment.but yea.is he still hosting wrestling or wat.mike should get back with scott.and dan m back as a pitt...
  8. BIGFOOTfan25

    mike wine/ reptoid

    is mike wine still driving this year? also, looks like reptoid is back racing with monster jam, too!
  9. modeltruckshop

    old toy add for Mike too

    I know Mike wanted the supercharger package and thought he might like seeing this to go with his collection too. Steve
  10. HeartbeatFan

    Matchbox Super Chargers package pics for Mike

    Here ya go Mike, Trevor

    For Mike "The Ace" and others who love old R/C junk..

    Mike wanted me to post some pictures of some of my old rc stuff, so here goes: First Picture is a old MRP Highroller, which was released to compete against the clodbuster 20+ years ago. They were produced by MRP (Model Racing Products) for a year and a half, so they are rare, and in...
  12. B

    4 wheel jamboree update wreck of Mike lane

    go to paperboyexpress.net to view Mike Lane's wreck this past weekend at the lima jamboree. It's video is on their blog after you enter their website. BFrey
  13. Richard Scott

    "Tundra Cat" built by Mike Dropik

    Found this article a while back, http://www.juneauempire.com/stories/112607/sta_20071126001.shtml . I have been looking for finished pics for a while. Well, I stumbled across a couple pics the other day, here they are; interesting looking axles
  14. JRB4337

    Guess who I just saw? Mike Hogwood

    Hey guys, I'm a big collage football and I'm watchin all the games on the channels I got. But check out the North Carolina State vs. Miami (FL) and on the halftime show tellin you stats is none other than Mike Hogwood!!:eek: I haven't seen him in almost 4 or 5 years doin announcin for Monster...
  15. Jason Twite

    Show Related Who's going to Mike Hawkins' Birthday?

    http://www.equalizerracing.com/ Watch the show at Old Dominion and then party @ the Hawkins Compound? Sounds good to me! Anyone here going?
  16. D

    mike welch

    A few questions, when did he start ? whats his most memorable run ? and finally how many trucks has he owned ?
  17. jokerjason

    Mike welch motorsports

    Hi All, Hey does Mike Welch have any shows scheduled this year on the west coast?? Thanks, JOKER JASON.