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    If you are not aware of this you may miss a lot enjoy...

    lately i heve found a channel that makes a lot nice monster truck stuff and i wanted to share it with you guys hope you enjoy it keep up!
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    New Children's book series "The Adventures of Johnny's Mini Monster Truck"

    This is a series about a monster truck go kart that a father built for his son in an effort to make a boy's dreams come true. Follow the stories as the truck is created and then finds new life as a children's ride. I often get asked if I'm...

    SouthWest Monster Trucks Store is up and running for all your Monster needs.

    Hello. I started a online store to sell Monster Truck Toys, Photos, Posters, Vintage Items and many other Monster Truck related items. Pleas come by and check us out. If you are looking for an item you don't see in our store just ask and I will do my best to find it for you...
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    New Canadian Monster Truck in the Works

    I am building a new Monster Truck Race Truck. I am currently building the chassis. I have Pettibone Planetaries on the way. Other then that I need a lot of parts. I am interested in GOOD used parts. Looking for good deals to get this truck built Kevin Bucking Bronco

    Mega Truck vs. Monster Truck

    What are the major, definite differences between the two? Where do you draw the line? Is there even a line to be drawn? Could a monster compete in a Mega Truck competition, and/or vice versa? Obviously I know they're different. I'm trying to put this in a way that someone not familiar with...
  6. Bomb squad

    For Sale Looking to buy a ride truck

    I am looking to buy a ride truck very soon I have cash in hand and have been looking at a couple of trucks. I would like to see some other oppitions if you or you know of a truck for sale I would appreciate any info
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    Truck Related Monster Truck for TLC Wedding show

    Hello, I am looking for a monster truck to hire for a wedding show this Sunday 16th December. The wedding is in West Virginia and the monster truck will take the bride to the church and then the bride and groom to the reception. If you want your monster truck on television please give...
  8. J

    Info Monster Truck's Theme Songs

    Does anyone know the Theme Songs for the following Monster Trucks? El Toro Loco Grave Digger Monster Mutt Scarlet Bandit The Patriot Cult Energy Activator Wrecking Crew Blue Thunder Madusa Mohawk Warrior
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    MustRead Harley Bad Boy Queen Creek, AZ

    Noticed the old thread about the truck someone found in Queen Creek, AZ( ) Looks like no one every found any info on it. My good friend's dad owns it, not sure what he's doing with it but it just...
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    For Sale Blue Thunder Monster Truck Driver Linsey Weenk race used Firesuit

    Hi, I have an awesome race used Blue Thunder Monster truck driver firesuit worn by Linsey Weenk. This suit was worn in the 2009 Monster Jam series. It is signed by Linsey. It is 599.99. Contact me with any questions
  11. Highchaparall

    New Pictures of Little Big Swede and Big Swede Trax

    I have scanned these pictures from the swedish 4 Wheel Drive magazines. The pictures of Little Big Swede were originally published in 1991 and the pictures of Big Swede Trax appeared in 1993. These photos are taken when both vehicles were new and in great shape. Thought you might think it would...
  12. Griff747

    Info Stuntbusters show with a Monster Truck

    I've been watching the new show StuntBusters on SPEED, and on one of they're commercials/upcoming shows, they were going to do something with a Monster Truck. So far, I've seen the truck Obsession/Obsessed in the commercials, and the episode hasn't quite showed up, so does anybody know a link to...
  13. Griff747

    Don't you guys hate it when...?

    Don't you guys hate it when people randomly point out that THIS is a monster truck: I don't know if it's the same thing in America, but in Canada (I live in Canada)... I went to my local car show, and a simple lifted truck that looked like this picture drove into the show, some kids were...
  14. Griff747

    Truck Related How are Chassis`Created???

    I`ve been wondering this for a long while, and I`ve heard they are made through 3D Computer Models. Can anyone tell me what program they use to make the tubes? :confused:
  15. J

    For Sale Rare "4x4 & Big Wheels" monster truck magazine on eBay

    Hello everyone, I just listed a rare magazine on eBay that some of you might be interested in. "4x4 & Big Wheels" magazine, vol 1, no 1, 1989. Since this is my first post, I'm not supposed to post any links. Search for it on eBay and check it out!
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    Show Related Exhibit your Truck on Labor Day Weekend

    Your Monster Truck and driving skills are needed for an art exhibition called Flag Stop, set to take place at the Lexus Dealership on Crenshaw Blvd in Torrance, LA over Labor Day Weekend. I am a featured artist in the show and looking for a classic monster truck or similar vehicle to show off...
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    MustRead 2011 4x4 & Old School Monster Truck Event Dates

    Gas Guzzy just released its spring and fall dates for its 4x4 Off Road Truck Show Challenge located in Auburn Indiana (off I-69 exit 126 west in the American Heritage Village 5634 County Road 11A, Auburn, IN 46706)! The 2010 event brought in over 6000 spectators and 160 competitors to take part...
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    Info monster truck

    Hello I'm fine, sorry I never wrote you is because I do not speak English. Currently I am using the translator to translate French into English. I started a project last year, a monster truck and il tried to go on your discussion board and then(Monster Truck Industry Forums Relaled). I noticed...
  19. Steven

    Truck Related BlackWidow February dates

    BlackWidow MotorSports will be on display at the Buffalo Auto Show The following week we will also be in Buffalo running with AMP's Monster Trucks Thunder Slam! Look forward to seeing everyone there :D
  20. Steven

    Site Related MonsterMayhem acquires new domain...

    As soon as DNS populates (usualy within 48-72 hours) you will be able to reach this site via: