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    RoR Questions - New Computer

    I'm wanting to buy a new computer that is compatible with Rigs Of Rods. And I am concerned about the following questions. Can a processor speed of less than 2.0Ghz but is a quad speed processor work? Do you have to be connected to the internet to install or just to play the game? Would it...
  2. M

    Motor Mile Speedway July 6th Lineup?

    Does anybody know which trucks/drivers are going to be at the show at Motor Mile Speedway in Radford, Virginia on July 6th? I've looked at schedules on monster truck websites and I haven't found out anything. Thanks.
  3. M

    8/10/13-Back To School Monster Truck Bash-Charlotte Motor Speedway-Line Up Thread

    This is a thread for the line up of trucks that will be at this show. So far these are the trucks that are confirmed to be there: 1. Equalizer 2. Red Solo 3. Samson 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. According to, War Wizard will not be there this year. He is scheduled to...
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    Wolverine 1:64 Scale Error?

    I noticed today that the right side has black writing under the Marvel logo. And the left side doesn't. Is anybody elses like this? I would post pics but its not letting me for some reason
  5. M

    What determined Thunder Nationals Champions?

    Does anybody know what used to determine Thunder Nationals Champions? Did they have a points thing for Thunder Nationals back then? I wondered about this when I got the new Black Stallion 1:64 scale and seen the roof saying "2005-2006 Thunder Nationals Champion". Thanks
  6. M

    What determines Feld (Monster Jam) Travel Partners?

    Random topic, but does anybody know what determines the Feld (Monster Jam) drivers travel partners? Or do they do it at random? Certain trucks I know they don't put together like Digger, MaxD, Grinder, The Legend, SonUva Digger, Crusader and Monster Energy. I also know Porter/Tarlton...
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    Show Related Monster Jam World Finals 14 Line-Up Predictions

    I thought it'd be cool to make a thread for people to predict whos gonna be there, and then see who is right Here's Mine: 1 Grave Digger - Dennis Anderson 2 Max-D - Tom Meents 3 Grinder - Lupe Soza (Freestyle) Frank Krmel (Racing) 4 Grave Digger The Legend - Adam Anderson 5 Son-Uva Digger -...
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    How To Tell What Type Of Chassis A Truck Runs

    I may sound stupid, or be one of the few on here who cant totally tell the style of chassis trucks runs. But I was wondering if somebody could tell me. And also what types of chassis all the Feld drivers run, because I think alot of the Indies runs their own (I may be wrong). Thanks PS-...
  9. M

    Monster Jam 2013 Truck Roster

    Here is a list of trucks I made that are doing Monster Jam shows next year FELD Grave Digger-Dennis Anderson/Wolverine-Dustin Brown Grave Digger-Pablo Huffaker/El Toro Loco-Aaron Basl Grave Digger-Gary Porter/Monster Mutt-Whit Tarlton Grave Digger-Randy Brown/Superman-Joey Parnell Grave...
  10. M

    Is anybody else having an impossible time finding the 1/64 scales?

    This thread might as well be deleted since Im now finding them all of a sudden. Only lacking Bad Habit and Storm Damage, which I know one of my Walmarts will have Bad Habit in the next few days because the last time I went in there they had all the other ones that was in that set
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    Show Related Monster Jam Greensboro, NC - Jan,11/12,2013

    Line-up: Grave Digger - Randy Brown Superman - Joey Parnell Raminator - Mark Hall Rammunition - Mat Dishman Hotsy Illuminator - Jay Snyder Instigator - Paul Breaud Rap Attack - Dave Rappach Nitemare- Andy Hoffman So who's going? I'm choosing to go to Greensboro over Charlotte because driving to...
  12. Bigfulla

    Truck Related Another World Known Truck Identity to join MTPA's Fleet.

    Hot behind the news of Bigfoot Joining Monster Truck Promotions Australia next year, The team has released news today on Their Facebook page in the form of a very cryptic message, that another big name will be joining the fleet as early as their next show on December 28. No names have officially...
  13. Griff747

    Books that will help you in the Monster Truck Industry

    I just popped by our local book store and they had a special sell off sale a few weeks ago and I happened to find this Handbook on the shelves: I was thankfully able to purchase this book and poked in and found some neat information about the Powerglide Tranny's since I know some drivers...
  14. Griff747

    Monster Trucks in Wide World Of Sports: The Best Of Crashes, Smashes Bloopers

    Hey, old schoolers. I happened to have the VHS Home Video of "Wild World Of Sports: The Best Of Crashes, Smashes Bloopers" and I can remember a bit of footage that had Old School Monsters in it, but now I only have one of the two copies and it is in bad condition. I was wondering if anyone...
  15. E

    Monster Mayhem in Ukraine?

    I am in the Ukraine right now and saw a TV ad for a Monster show possibly on Oct. 31st but I was not able to catch the where or when. Does anyone know anything about this?
  16. Griff747

    1988 Televised Monster Truck Events

    Well, I'm in the need of learning more about Old School Monster Trucks rather than the new, boring crap you see on Monster Jam nowadays. So, correct me if I'm wrong in this list of the 1988 Televised Shows that involved TNT Motorsports and USHRA Events: TNT Events: Atlanta Pontiac...
  17. C

    Show Related KSR Motorsports' Wildwood Monster Mash in Wildwood, NJ

    I'm am posting this on behalf of Jack Brady/KSR Motorsports. KSR Motorsports is coming into Wildwood, NJ for a weekend full of excitement and full-throttle action! For the first-time ever, KSR Motorsports will invade South Jersey for the KSR Motorsports' Wildwood Monster Mash, featuring 8 of...
  18. M

    Back To School Monster Truck Bash Results

    qualifying- 1st samson .58 2nd avenger .59 3rd stone crusher/hooked 1.00 4th war wizard 1.01 5th brutus 1.02 6th equalizer 1.05 7th wrecking crew 1.07 8th spike 1.10 racing- round 1- samson/spike brutus/hooked tamale/wizard avenger/crew stone/equalizer round2- samson/equalizer...
  19. Griff747

    Off-Topic Inside Monster Jam (1997-1998) Listing

    Hello, Mayhemers. Sorry if I am asking a lot about the old TV listings from the past Monster Truck series like Monster Wars and all that, but this might be my last one (Hopefully, haha). I would like to know the listing for the old Inside Monster Jam Listing that ran around 1997-1998 era. Thanks...
  20. Griff747

    Off-Topic Monster Truck VHS/DVD Home Movies List

    Hello, Mayhemers. We know that there are MANY Home Videos when it comes to the Monsters. Like the old TNT Home Video "Turning the Power On" and even todays Crash Madness Series from Monster Jam. I would like to ask all of you for assistants to help list ALL (or most) Home Videos starting from...