1. Bigfulla

    Paul Shafer Motorsports new website

    After many weeks of working on the new website, it has been uploaded to its final home The site is 99% completed, with a whole lot of photos still to be uploaded to the media gallery, this will happen over the next week or so. Let us know what you think and make...
  2. MonsterTruckFather

    #93 Sinica Motorsports. Be Apart of the team!

    Since Nascar is all about the fans. Jason and I came up with the idea of our fans help with the team. Fans can Donate money to our race team to help us make it to the races. We have it set up so Jason can send a paypal invoice to you. If you donate $293, it gets your name on the team...
  3. TN_Outllaw

    Promoter Related Old Skool Motorsports suspending activities

    Just saw it on facebook, Old Skool Motorsports is suspending activities for the time being. Here's the article they posted: Some of you said you could see it coming, and you turned out to be right. At least they'll finish USA1, though.
  4. jktremor81

    KSR Motorsports Trill Show Invades West Virginia

    KSR brings monster truck excitement to the Braxton County Fairgrounds on October 15, 2011 for one show only. The gates open at 10am and Monster Truck rides begin at 12pm with the matinee performance begining at 2pm. Trucks scheduled to be there as of now include Storm Damage, Viper and long...
  5. R

    Old skool motorsports

    we have shows lined up for the next few months our next one is in cedartown ga.july 29-30 show starts at 7:30 hometown of the legendary bennett'clydesdale'clark and he is taking on predator allen pezo and the rest of his trucks prowler,pouncer,lone eagle,and the black knight monster truck.Along...
  6. D

    Early Televised TNT Motorsports Events

    Aside from the February 1987 Houston event on TNN's American Sports Cavalcade, the earliest televised TNT event that I know of was the Cleveland event on Powertrax. Does anyone know if there were any TNT Motorsports monster truck events aired on Powertrax before Cleveland '87?
  7. C

    Thoughts on the end of TNT Motorsports...

    TNT is so revered now in hindsight, I was just wondering what was the reaction in '91 when TNT was folded into SRO/Pace by Fans and/or Race teams... I was to young at the time to appreciate the change, other than wondering why Tuff Trax wasn't on anymore and where USA-1 was... From a fan...
  8. Danny H.

    Paul Shafer Motorsports Knoxville Aug 5 & 6

    I saw on Outback Thunda's website that Paul Shafer Motorsports is going to be in Knoxville. Anyone got any info on rest of the lineup?
  9. C

    Buck Motorsports Lancaster, PA tomorrow

    anyong going to be there tomorrow? here's the lineup according to the site Jim Kohler?s ?Avenger?, ?Brutus?, Pat Summa?s ?Thrasher?, Steve Sim?s ?Stone Crusher
  10. monstermaniac

    Riverhead, NY KSR Motorsports

    Anybody know the lineup for the show this year? It's usually pretty much the same every year, but I figured I'd ask... Maybe a new truck this year.
  11. CTMonsterMicMan

    Old Skool Motorsports Clarkville, Tn June 13-15

    Howdy All! Here are a few pics from displays and night one here in Clarksville, Tn. I have on my facebook announcer page. Tweedy worked out a pretty cool racing track. Instead of wheelie contest we had time trials. Alan Pezo In Predator Swept Time Trials, Racing vs Mac Plecker in Ballistic...
  12. D

    Old skool motorsports /facebook page

    OLD SKOOL MOTORSPORTS has just kicked off a new facebook page. search old skool motorsports you will find it!
  13. RnW 13

    Paul Shafer Motorsports Events

    So far this is all he has. 2011 Events Burlington, Wisconsin International Chocolate Festival Carolina Crusher Ride Truck May 25-30 Dupage County Fair July 30th Monster Truck Show 2PM and 7PM Dupage County Fair July 31 Monster Truck Car Crush 2PM and 7PM The DuPage...
  14. monsterinvt

    Austin motorsports has a new truck

    Hi my name is Matt we are the the new owner of the Anger Management monster truck chassis. We bought the truck with out a name but we may be able to run one of the former names its not set in stone but would be great. We are going to run mostly the northeast. So if you are a promoter and want to...
  15. P

    does Anyone have any more pictures of the TNT Motorsports dually?

    only reason I ask is I was scrolling thru some TMB stuff, and found an interview by Kyle Doyle with Rich Schaefer, and saw the photo of the 88 C3500 TNT Motorsports Dually, and was wondering if there were anymore photos of it. Its odd, because I own a red and black Choo Choo Custom Chevy dually...
  16. D

    PACE Championship Motorsports on ESPN2?

    I was reading through some of the older Truckworld Monsters Monthly articles, and in the April 1999 edition, there was mention of a series coming to ESPN2 in April-May 1999, called PACE Championship Motorsports. Did anyone here watch this series? If so, what events were shown, and how were...
  17. W

    MustRead Old Skool Motorsports

    Old skool motorsports in Augusta, GA this past weekend was awesome! !!!!!Bigfoot #1 and, USA-1 were together for the first time in 20 years! During Intros the first night, Bigfoot was hid behind the wall, and the annoucer asked if anybody knew the first monster truck ever and if they wanted to...
  18. W

    Sturges Motorsports T-Shirts

    Hi guys I am posting this due to several pm's I have recieved regarding Sturges T-Shirts, There are very few T-shirts left and as of right now the Sturges Team has no plans of getting more. They Have Nasty Boy T-shirts and Unamed & Untamed which I think there are 3 left. However if the demand is...
  19. F

    Concussion Motorsports t-shirt contest

    Concussion Motorsports is asking for our fans to help design their new t-shirts. Looking for 3 different designs. 1. The first design would be a monster truck without a body (Concussion Motorsports chassis). 2. The second design can be any type of design with Concussion Motorsports and with...
  20. R

    old skool motorsports return of usa-1

    OLD SKOOL MOTORSPORTS is proud to announce are first event to be held in augusta ga april 29 and 30.Appearing at an event for the first time in almost 20 years will be USA-1 being driven by the man himself evertt jasmer doing old skool crushing.Competing in the other events will be...