1. Griff747

    Off-Topic Monster Truck VHS/DVD Home Movies List

    Hello, Mayhemers. We know that there are MANY Home Videos when it comes to the Monsters. Like the old TNT Home Video "Turning the Power On" and even todays Crash Madness Series from Monster Jam. I would like to ask all of you for assistants to help list ALL (or most) Home Videos starting from...
  2. T

    How many movies has monster trucks have appeared in?

    I have a few movies featuring bigfoot and stuff.Im wondering how many movies has monster trucks have appeared in over the years? Stuntman T
  3. S

    Rolling Vengeance on Comcast free movies on ON DEMAND

    Was flipping thru the channels last night and stumbled upon Rolling many of you all know on here Mike Welch designed/built/drove the truck in this movie...its a classic but still a good one so check it out while its still available..Ive been looking for this movie for over 20+...