1. D

    Ride truck needed for event in Texas.

    Hello, We are having a benefit for my son to help us with his medical bills. How much is it to have you attend? The event is Nov 27th 2011 from 12 to 6. In pearland TX. Thanks Scot Maust 281-948-3737 Just passing it on as were a litle too far away. Don
  2. American Ride

    Ride truck needed!!

    Ride truck needed for September 17,2011 for a one day gig! This is a gauranteed paid deal! Ride truck in parade and then rides at the fairgrounds for this event. Call Mike at 920-494-2676 for more info. Thanks Mike Fonder
  3. J

    Tough truck action needed

    I am looking for an event fairly close to Louisiana to race tough trucks. Anyone know of any in La,Ms,Tx,Ar?
  4. J

    SMT info needed

    Anyone have any info on the Southern monster truck show that was gonna happen at Texas Motor Speedway next couple months? Is it still on? What are the dates? Are they still doing tough trucks?
  5. peter434445

    Backdraft Logos needed

    Looking for good picture/image of Backdraft logo, door logo, and image of side of truck with fire apparatus.. Thanks, Peter
  6. T-Rex

    Ride truck needed Sept 2,3,4

    Please let me know of anyone available to come to for Labor Day weekend! 218 252 8739 or [email protected]
  7. MCMsports

    Tubing Info needed

    I am looking to gather some info on what type of tubing is used to build a truck.
  8. jeb134

    Truck needed August 6th in Nebraska

    For a one day show, call 940 255 1125 for more information.
  9. V

    R/C Replica : Ideas needed

    Ok, the Mad Dog replica is in paint (taking it slowly as it is the 3rd time ive repainted it, perfectionist i guess!!), another truck is receiving bodywork to make it into a Wild Hair replica, and another Clodbuster is on it's way. Im after ideas for another replica to start on so i can...
  10. Christian Riedel

    Show Related Ride Truck Needed July 1st and 2nd Escanaba, MI

    Ride truck needed July 1st and 2nd for Checkered Flag Production's show in Escanaba, MI. If you are available please contact Mike at (920) 494-2676. Thanks!
  11. I

    Monster truck needed!!

    Monster Truck Needed ASAP for a commercial in Toronto. Will pay... Can anyone help me contact drivers/owners directly. 416-271-4739. Thanks.
  12. F

    Ride Truck Needed - This Week/Weekend

    Potentially need a ride truck for just outside of Las Vegas Nevada, starting this Wednesday June 22nd and running through Saturday June 25th. Great money making opportunity. MUST have insurance and be able to list the venue as additionally insured on your policy. Contact me ASAP via e-mail at...
  13. M

    Needed Clark Champaign

    Needed! 20 ton Clark Champaign! Anything in Michigan? email [email protected] or [email protected] Thank you!
  14. BIGFOOTfan25

    Ms. Bigfoot diecast needed

    hey guys! im in need of 1 or 2 Ms. BIGFOOT diecast trucks. i was going to order one this week from BIGFOOT, but they are sold out. so if anyone has one for sale, mint in box, please let me know!:D thanks guys!
  15. TN_Outllaw

    Photos Needed

    This probably won't turn up much, but I need some photos of the last(?) Bearly Tame truck (the blue one) if at all possible. I particularly need somewhat clear shots of the bed-sides. As some of you know, I'm PM Customs over at the MTM2 boards and I need the photos for reference and...
  16. Fastmotion

    Picture/ logo Help Needed - Excalibur

    Picture/ logo Help Needed - Excaliber I have shuffled through countless 2011 photos of Excaliber and finally figured out what was on the hood.. "Bad *** Wiring" The problem? Im trying to build a 1/64 version of the 2011 truck but cannot find any good pics of the logo to recreate it nor...
  17. T-Rex

    Race trucks needed May 6-7

    I need two race trucks in Colorado, May 6-7, could possibly use a ride truck also if it was along for the ride. Please e-mail me @ [email protected] Chad
  18. D

    Hamilton Ontario display needed possably race or ride. April 27

    Noreen Hornby <[email protected]> I am looking for a monster truck for our annual trade show. It is just for show in our city airport hanger. we will have over 100 suppliers there and we were looking for a wow factor for our customers. Is there any chance of renting a monster truck...
  19. K

    2011 Bloomsburg Tough trucks---INFO NEEDED

    I was talikng to a buddy of mine and he's talking me into competing in the tough trucks competition at this years Bloomsburg event. Im just not sure my truck would be "allowed". What are the requirements to run? Engine size? chassis type? I own a class 7 ranger and am building a 429 for it. we...
  20. L

    Help Needed: USHRA/Monster Jam videos

    Hi everybody, I am looking for a wide variety of USHRA/Monster Jam videos from the late 1980s through the 2000s up until present day. Anybody that is willing to help please PM me. I do not have the time to edit videos for trade, but am more than willing to pay.