1. B

    The Official 2012 Florida Monster Jam thread.

    Maybe the best year ever in terms of lineups? Bounty Hunter making his Tampa and Orlando debuts, Vaters is back, and AVENGER IN TAMPA FOR THE FIRST TIME! And there are still 2 stadium events left to go! Tampa 1: USHRA Monster Trucks including Grave Digger? driven by Dennis Anderson...
  2. tazfan17

    Official Charlotte 2011 Thread

    Really pumped for this event, its the best non-feld event of the year imo. WHo all's goin this year Line-up is good this year ‎1. Avenger 2. Brutus 3. Equalizer 4. Hot Tamale 5. Samson 6. Mopar Magic 7. Stone Crusher 8. War Wizard 9. Higher Education 10. Circle K Thirst Buster...
  3. Bad Habit

    BAD HABIT Official Guinness World Record

    I am proud to announce that Guinness World Records approved my world record jump from last September. It has taken a while with having to mail everything overseas and to be honest I was a little late getting it to them as well with how busy we were during first quarter this year. But the...
  4. O

    Monster Truck Destruction - Official Game Thread

    Hi All, This thread will contain the most up-to-date information, screenshots and videos of our Monster Truck Destruction video game. Make sure you like our Facebook page: Description: Your fans are waiting for you... they are willing you to...
  5. MonsterRob

    Official Pittsburgh Monster Jam 2011 Thread

    Its that time of year again guys and girls! I know there are several fellow mayhem members that attend the event every year. FINALLY the Penguins get their new arena and we get to bring the dirt inside to break it in! Hoping to get some event results and pictures or videos up here throughout the...
  6. F

    The Official "my opinion on RII calls" Thread

    RII Trigger Happy in Anaheim At least 2-3 drivers commented about being shut down in Anaheim tonight. Where is the harm of trying to upright the truck, or drive without a wheel, when it poses no threat to anyone? Good show, but I have never seen techs come running out so quick when a driver...
  7. Wright58

    Official Monster Jam San Diego 2011 Thread

    USHRA Monster Trucks including Grave Digger? driven by Chad Tingler, Blue Thunder?, Maximum Destruction? driven by Kreg Christensen, Batman driven by Norm Miller, El Toro Loco? driven by Marc McDonald, Monster Mutt? driven by Joe Miller, Avenger driven by Jim Koehler, Wrecking Crew driven by...
  8. Jus Show N Off

    The Official 2011 Minneapolis Monster Jam Roll Call Thread

    The yearly tradition continues. Which mayhemers are going to be making it to Minneapolis this Saturday for the opening round of the 2011 1st quarter shows? It seems like the first Minny show of the year always gets a lot of coverage on the board and a lot of Mayhemers in attendance - so who's...
  9. stormrider_67

    Official Toronto 2011 Monster Jam Thread

    Announced today! Saturday January 22 7PM Sunday January 23 2PM Total Access is on Saturday, $125. Prices are the same as last year. Got a few other shows just announced that week too... Tampa, Minneapolis, San Diego and Sacramento (arena). No word on the trucks yet... Meents, Anderson...
  10. ChromeThunder

    Official: Monster Jam World Finals 11 Video Thread

    To make it easier to find the world finals videos. Post 'em when you find 'em. YouTube- Monster Jam - Racing YouTube- Monster Jam - Freestyle YouTube- Monster Jam 2010 3 Grave Diggers.AVI YouTube- George Balhan. Mohawk Nation.AVI YouTube- Monster Jam World Finals 2010 Championship Race Grave...
  11. ARF Man

    Official: World Finals XI Update Thread

    This thread is for any World Finals XI updates, info, track set up, etc. Since this is a World Finals thread I figured I?d put the qualifiers in: 1. Dennis Anderson Driving Grave Digger (Atlanta) 2. Linsey Weenk Driving Blue Thunder (Detroit) 3. Jim Koehler Driving Avenger (Detroit) 4...
  12. J

    Biloxi Monster Jam Friday Night Official

    Racing Winner Gun Slinger - Scott Hartsock Wheelie Winner Escalade - George Belhan Freestyle Winner Grave Digger - Gary Porter
  13. Bigfulla

    South Pacific World Finals III Official Updates

    Jim Kohler and Paul Shafer have both confirmed they will be back for this years rounds with Jim excited about defending his title. Jim will appear in Australia earlier in the year once schedules are worked out. Next week Corey Clark returns to Australia, along with a Kirk Dabney employee...
  14. R

    Its Official : Dodge Back with Hall Bros!
  15. C

    official driver bashing/defending/pointless arguments thread

    Here it is, now you have somewhere to argue all your personal opinions that the majority of people on here quite frankly dont care about and you can quit ruining one of the very few (and I do mean VERY few) threads on this site that is actually worth looking at.
  16. MadRat

    NEW!!! 2010 Official Monster Jam Magazine edition 2

    NEW!!! 2010 Official Monster Jam Magazine edition 2 2009 editon 1: Official Monster Truck Series Monster Jam Magazine 32 pages filled with glossy pictures, trucks and drivers info. Grave Digger...
  17. Dave Collard

    Spidermans Official Render

    I bought the Yearbook Sunday and it arrived today. Figured I'd "play nice" and show off something. I know I've read that some were not sure if the HW Render was right or not. Well... I dig it.
  18. modeltruckshop

    Official Aces High History thread:

    Since Mike has been dragging his feet to do this I thought I would help with the ACES history!:D Happy Birthday Mike.ha Steve
  19. Steven

    Truck Related Official Old School Video Thread

    Here ya go...
  20. monsterjamman24

    Official RC video thread

    Here are some to get us started. Any rc. Does not have to be yours. YouTube - Bounty Hunter Debut - Music Video YouTube - Wheely King Freestyle YouTube - Wheely King Bashin on Tybee Island! YouTube - Bounty Hunter debut YouTube - Wheely King donuts YouTube - WHEELY KING AWARDS BIG AIR...