old school

  1. P

    MustRead Jeff Dane Authorized King Kong Throwback Shirts to be available, Very Limited Number!

    Some of you already know this, but after a couple of weeks of design and communication with Jeff Dane, He has allowed me to produce a Small number of throwback King Kong shirts. I am in the process of ordering a first run of 16 shirts to Test the waters, However those are already spoken for...
  2. PolskaInvader

    Unbelievable Dollar Store Find

    I was at Real Deals Dollar Store in North Syracuse last weekend and they always have a bunch of blank 80's "trucker" hats for sale, but this time a few had print on them. So for kicks I started shuffling through them, most were for random town events, NYS Thruway Association and small...
  3. F

    Show Related Old School Venues

    Alright, here's the premise, Which venues did you see the best old-school shows in? Or if you didn't have access to some of those events where would have most liked to have seen the old-school events. For me, I would have loved to have seen some of the races at the Pontiac Silverdome...
  4. Bad Dude

    Anyone ever check out Youtube today?

    It's fun to use the "1911" button with monster truck videos. Old school, indeed!
  5. Bad Dude

    King Krunch questions

    A couple questions about King Krunch: 1. I saw a 1973-80 Blazer on 48's with the King Krunch name. Did this become the '84 Blazer with the 66's or were those two different trucks? 2. Did King Krunch II (the one that was on Monster Mania) become the original Coors Brewser or were those also...
  6. Kouvre

    Time to part with my tape collection

    After having some of these tapes for over 20 years, it is time for me to part ways with my VHS collection, and eventually my 16-year-old VCR. I know that there is interest from the community for tapes, so I am going to go ahead and field offers for the commercial tapes I have if there is...