1. B

    New Canadian Monster Truck in the Works

    I am building a new Monster Truck Race Truck. I am currently building the chassis. I have Pettibone Planetaries on the way. Other then that I need a lot of parts. I am interested in GOOD used parts. Looking for good deals to get this truck built Kevin Bucking Bronco
  2. M

    Why Does Grinder Not Do West Coast Shows?

    To my knowlege they have never had Grinder be at places like Tacoma, Anaheim, San Diego, Oakland, Phoenix and any of the other West Coast shows. The only Western shows the truck does is Vegas. Why is this? do they not have many AAP stores out there?
  3. M

    Monster Truck Auto-Motive Book?

    Does anybody know if there is a book that teaches all the parts/components of monster trucks. If you could give me a link to buy it that would be great. Thanks
  4. B

    For Sale Blue Thunder Monster Truck Driver Linsey Weenk race used Firesuit

    Hi, I have an awesome race used Blue Thunder Monster truck driver firesuit worn by Linsey Weenk. This suit was worn in the 2009 Monster Jam series. It is signed by Linsey. It is 599.99. Contact me with any questions
  5. B

    Blue Thunder Monster Truck Driver Linsey Weenk Firesuit

    Hi, I have an awesome race used Blue Thunder Monster Truck Linsey Weenk Driver Firesuit for sale. It is 999.00 or best offer. It is a great looking suit
  6. S

    looking for some parts

    Hey guys Looking for a set of wheels for 66s with a clark bolt pattern. one piece wheels for a race truck. I may just go have a set made down at SWR but I thought I would ask first.
  7. M

    Parts for sale

    Still have clark axle parts. No hubs, knuckles or champains. Also 2 brand new 18 inch swayaway coil overs shocks in the box without coils, and have a 48"x48" pallet of swayaway parts. The pallet does not included complete shock. There is enough stuff on the pallet to make 4 shocks. Best offer...
  8. TN_Outllaw

    Online model parts stores

    I was wondering if there were any websites that sold model parts. I have an AMT usa-1 kit that I've screwed up and I want to try and salvage what I can from it and do a custom. Also, how do I mount the tires?:o I'm afraid if I strong arm them on, the whole thing will end up in pieces all over...
  9. casper57

    Parts left from Caspers Offroad

    Have a list of parts left over from Dale Harris's years of collecting parts from and for Casper. 2- 73x44x32 goodyears older tires almost new tread no rims just tires 1- 66x43x25 goodyear no rim decent tread has wear from highway use 1- 66x43x25 goodyear on rim with no center same condition...
  10. M

    Clark parts for sale

    Clark alxes, spindles, and fab housings not stock braced for sale. To much stuff to list on here. Email Jeremy Slifko at [email protected] We have a picture will post later.
  11. Monster_Shop

    PROMEGA steering parts

    PROMEGA Steer knuckles for your clark and galion planetary setup. Bearing eliminators Promega design. Phone: 443-928-5180 ***Inner Knuckle (champaign) now available***** Beware of imitations. Thank you sincerely for your support, 6 years running. /s/ Kyle Stranahan
  12. RobBeer

    O'Reilly Auto Parts NHRA Nationals 9/15-9/18

    Anyone else going to the NHRA Nationals at Z-Max Dragway @ Charlotte September 15-18? I will be down there all four days. Me and three other guys are taking the trip from Mass down there.
  13. J

    List of monster truck parts for sale

    List of monster truck parts for sale: Sorry i can post any pictures, this site isn't allowing me too- just email me and i will send you pictures 1. Misc. Clark planetary parts - axles, hub, spindle, champaign glass, $1,000 or best offer 2. 106 center section 680 ratio - $600 3. Scs...
  14. T

    MT parts wanted have cash

    Im looking for the following parts......have cash Mt tires and wheels must be in NICE condition. ( n.w. area) Butler M.T. seat fiberglass body (must be in great shape) spare axle parts etc stuff you need on hand on race day.
  15. A

    CRD Clark Parts??

    Does anyone have any info on these parts. Read about their possible existence in another thread, but that's about it. I'd like to know what parts they are making.
  16. T

    MT parts wanted

    Im looking for following items MT tires MT Rims fiberglass body Butler seat Have cash..N.W. area
  17. C

    Autographed Aftershock Engine Parts F/S

    Something a little different here. We're offering autographed engine parts right out of the Aftershock monster truck! We have very limited supplies of connecting rods and pistons out of a 540 cu in 1500+ hp big block Chevy engine. Own a piece of the truck and have a unique conversation piece...
  18. Fastmotion

    Various R/C Parts for Sale

    Various R/C Parts ------------------------------------------------------ 11.1V 5200mAh 20C Lipo Battery 3S Brand New, Unused Capacity:5200mAh Continuous discharge rate: 20C Burst Rate : 25C Voltage: 11.1V Cells : 3 Size : 143 mm x 62mm x 18 mm Net Weight: 360g $15 AUD + Shipping (quotes...
  19. malicious motorsports

    looking for race roller or chassis plus parts

    Original deal fell through so looking once again Any packages out there?
  20. D

    Clark Parts and 680 Center Chunk 4-Sale

    I have (1) 680 Center Chunk in GOOD condition.. I have Clark parts for sale also. (Hub, Axles and Champagne Glass) ... Willing to TRADE a GOOD 620 for our GOOD 680. Clarks parts 800.00 OBO. Please feel free to contact me.. Will Send Pictures. 609-625-3481 Thanks...