1. M

    Favorite Mike Welch MT?

    In honor of Mike Welch getting inducted into the International Monster Truck Hall of Fame this year, I think the time has come to voice which monster truck he owned/built/ran that is your favorite. Remember, he built many monsters over the years, so I will try to come up with as many as I can...
  2. R.R.I


    Found this on ebay...Kinda funny
  3. Mastertaco

    A Good Find at a Garage Sale Warning Large Images

    A cool Find at a Garage Sale Warning Large Images Well went to this Sale in my town at a Garage Sale walkin around seen something under a book..what i thought was a car ad just seen the front grill and the poster company name thought it said Austin for some reason when glancing over it but it...
  4. crash1

    hey look super pete J/K

    FINALLY came across an old clodbuster ..Now to get it working and maybe build a replica ...
  5. S

    Super Pete Pics Please...

    -does anyone have a clear pic, (clear enough to make a sticker from), of the pic, on Super Pete's door? I'm trying to help a guy find one, Taft's site pics are too blurry he said, so I figured I'd check here, it'll only be on his 1 RC truck, so no copyright infringement probs. w/this, if there...
  6. G

    any video of elet pete

    is there any video of this 2wd
  7. jh9011

    Super Pete Poster

    Hey, it's me again, the new(er) kid. I'm the one sending out transferred VHS tapes on DVD to all takers for free. I was going through my closet the other day, looking for some of my old bigfoot 4 posters and bigfoot 8 posters. I found a Super Pete poster. From what I've read on this site...