1. ThePhotoDemon

    Illustration I am working on *PIC*

    Not sure where this would fit...been working on it during downtime at work these past couple of days. Recreating it in Illustrator from a photo that I....found on the web :D I put it in this forum because it's....I hate the term "old school"....it's a REAL monster TRUCK.
  2. T

    Early Bigfoot pic request

    Before Bigfoot went to the 18 x 22.5 firestones, but after it had the dual rear tires, there was a phase where it had the 460 emblem and Dana 70 axles and I believe 15 x 19.5 tires and / or 18 x 19.5 tires. Anyway, all I've seen is the one pic in the Bigfoot magazine where it's towing...
  3. T

    Digger pic request

    I remember seeing recently a pic of Digger #1 with the 66 inch tires but it was before Dennis lifted it up so it looked alot different. Can't remember for the life of me where I saw it at so does this ring a bell with anyone? Tim
  4. F

    Minny Pic's

    22 Hours, 8 States, and 4 Arby's later........
  5. guzmo76

    Wanted: Pic of Black Bearfoot Body

    Back in the day Brian Womack ran a Black bodied Bearfoot. I ran with it a few times and recently seen a pic at a racetrack....I need one. If anyone has one or knows a link to one please let me know a.s.a.p. [email protected] Thanks
  6. T

    Bigfoot #7 pic request

    Anybody got any good pics of #7 after it got the new front end and fuel injection? I've seen one vid of it crushing cars and that's it. I know Kurt Frankish had the truck in New Zealand in that configuration in 93 I believe but it could have been 94. I know it was at one of the 92 jambos...
  7. B

    Pic request,High Maintenance -indy '10

    I was woundering if any one had some pics or vid from the indy jamboree of Jocelyn hitting the stack in front of the grand stand sat night with her new truck? I could not see it very well from the pits. Thanks

    A new pic I don't have to worry about being pirated anymore!!

  9. MTFan10

    Any info on this pic of cyborg?

    i was surfing the net when i found this i have no idea what its from
  10. J

    Outlaw 35 pic needed

    Hello everybody.. I `m making music video to youtube and i need lot off old pictures of Outlaw 35. Song will probably be Nightwish--Sleeping sun or something else from them..All pictures are welcome...Come one guys...trow me pics to my [email protected] .I need lots off pictures and...
  11. D

    old maniac pic's

    A few people had been asking to see them. the pit party ones were in Reno and maybe Sacrmento. About 19 years ago. Don
  12. P

    Bigfoot bodies on Non Bigfoot chassis Pic thread

    Stinger on the Halls chassis
  13. car66

    rock star pic

    found this on a really funny site http://www.youdrivewhat.com/?p=1601
  14. KD58

    North Charleston Monster Nation pic thread

    Here's a couple floor shots from this past weekend's Monster Nation event in North Charleston, SC. I'll throw a few action shots up when I get time to sort through them. John Roberts joined us for the weekend and shot some awesome stuff as well, which I'm sure he'll get arround to posting a...
  15. O

    Ot new pulling pic

    ok old ***** see if you can figure out who this is And im back from the dead now i kinda fell off the face of the earth for a while
  16. J

    New Pic of Old School Truck "Enforcer"

    here you go guys found this a few minutes ago...
  17. S

    retro excaliber pic with chuckie's autograph

    i thought you guys would like this its for sale to the highest bidder hahaha
  18. drjoliver

    Taurus racer w/o body pic needed

    I'm building a scale RC of the Taurus racer and I cant find any pics without the body so I can build a replica cage. I have been to Taft's site and several google searches. I have different pics of different angles and even the pic of the black Taurus when it wrecked so I can see some of the...
  19. jetmonkeyj

    Storm Damage Pic Help

    Hey guys, needing a little help. I'm looking for any good pics of the unique tread pattern Tim Mente runs on Storm Damage. I know Allen Pezo used to have a set similar so if anybody has any pics of those that would also be great! Thanks in advance!
  20. Steven

    Truck Related Official Old School Video Thread

    Here ya go...