1. H

    Truck Related I need to know everything about a willman chassis

    I need to know everything i can about building a Willman Chassis. Any information, pictures, specs. Anything would be helpful. Thanks
  2. F

    Need help with pictures

    I was wondering how do i put pictures on here. i forgot. thanks for your help.
  3. Richard Scott

    uploading pictures?

    For some reason, I am having problems uploading pictures to the site. It could be file sizes, but I am not sure. I copied a photo I found online and tried to upload it on the old school thread, and it would not let me do it either. Any suggestions? Rich
  4. Trent

    Info any one know where i can get som old pulling pictures from the 80 s

    old pulling pictures from the 80 [
  5. P

    does Anyone have any more pictures of the TNT Motorsports dually?

    only reason I ask is I was scrolling thru some TMB stuff, and found an interview by Kyle Doyle with Rich Schaefer, and saw the photo of the 88 C3500 TNT Motorsports Dually, and was wondering if there were anymore photos of it. Its odd, because I own a red and black Choo Choo Custom Chevy dually...
  6. F

    pictures of show in casey county,ky.
  7. TN_Outllaw

    Carolina Crusher 3 pictures

    Does anyone have any pictures of CC3 from around when it debuted? I'm thinking about trying to replicate it for MTM2 though I can't find many good pictures to go by. If no one's got pics, can you answer a few questions? Here they are: 1. Did that truck have anything like a rear bumper or did it...
  8. B

    A few pictures of Adams Wedding

    We had a blast at the World Finals only to top it off with Adam and Bree getting married. Here are a few pictures.
  9. M

    Shocker monster truck Chassis? need pictures for game

    Hi i know this isnt the best way to introduce my way into the forum but i am currently trying to find pictures of the Shocker monster truck chassis. ive been searching for over a week for a picture of it without the body on it. for all who might know me, i am "Roach" from mtm2draggers and...
  10. Tim Dudley

    My Old School Monster Truck Pictures

    Enjoy these pictures are between 1987 til 1990. I will scan more when I get more from my grandmothers house when we visit again. Enjoy!
  11. T

    Pictures of Little tiger new ford body

    Hey Everyone i was wondering if anyone had pictures of the little tiger truck with the newer ford f150 body on it.Hope everyone is enjoying the new monster truck race season. Stuntman T
  12. Bigtruck1217

    Trenton MJ Pictures

    Here are some shots at the Sun Bank National Center this past weekend that i worked..
  13. T

    looking for pictures of the comic book character trucks

    Hey Everyone not only do i love the mosnter trucks.But i also enjoy comic books.I was wondering if anyone out there has good pictures of the comic book monster trucks threw the years. Stuntman T
  14. J

    Couple of Pictures

    Couple of Pictures
  15. gravedigger4x42007

    pictures of taurus 1 monster truck

    Can any of you guys help me with pics of taurus monster truck which apperead in the monster mainia video and can some one hook me up with a good side view and a hood picture of taurus monster truck cause it is for a custom diecast monster truck can some one please help me with thus
  16. XStatic Dallas

    I need pictures of Chevy Bear Foot....

    Really I need pictures of his early trucks. From the original 1 all the way up until he switched to the new (1988) body style. I also need pics of Lil Bear Foot. So from his original truck up to around 1987 is what I need. I can't find any good pictures of this truck on Google...they are...
  17. 72ZEBRA

    CFP Redneck Nationals Pictures

    CFP brought the Redneck Nationals to Enid Oklahoma Aug 28th. The show included 3 classes of dirt track racing, truck and tractor pulling, side-by-side muddrags, and monster trucks. The 3 trucks were Razin Kane, War Eagle and Barbarian. It was a very entertaining show. I thought I would share...
  18. Disturbed Customs

    Looking for pictures of the 2wd Cyborg truck

    Do any of you have pictures of the 2wd Cyborg truck that you can post? Thanks
  19. C

    Lots of Drag Racing and Car Show Pictures...

    ...and some monster truck stuff, too. I recently created a SmugMug account and uploaded a bunch of pictures on there. Haven't loaded everything yet, but I'm working on it. If you like outlaw street cars, or just fast cars in general, I have thousands of photos from drag racing events from the...
  20. P

    cool pictures of my truck(also very big pictures)

    when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, its probably just my truck....