1. Griff747

    Off-Topic RC 1/10th Scale Body Painting Question

    Hello, Mayhemers. Since I currently have two models I am building, I thought of stepping up a bit, just for the heck of it. I went to my local hobby store and saw some GREAT truck body 1/10th scale body panels that are clear/blank (no paint/decals, etc.), and thought I could make some...
  2. shortiron

    Semi question

    If you have a day cab semi and you build a sleeper in the trailer can it still be registered as a RV?
  3. TN_Outllaw

    Pitbull question

    I just got to thinking about this. Does Charles still own Pitbull with his new ride in the MM Rottweiler or has he sold it?
  4. G

    2xtreme racing question

    i know 2 extreme racing has had a jam packed year, with lots of highs, and super lows. can someone give me an update of there fleet of trucks? as far as i know they sold of BH1, the gen 1 patric chassis. they now have 2 gen 1 patric chassis a new gen 2 patric chassis and a CRD chassis...
  5. Super Trike Fan

    Rich Cummings question

    I seen in the list of people for the monster truck museum that Rich cummings will be ther. Does he stillhave super trike? Is he goning to bring it?
  6. T

    Bitfoot VII / Jim Kramer question

    I was going back through some 89 footage and some of my favorite races are with Kramer in #7 right before #8 came out and he was driving that truck crazy hard and winning against more powerful and lighter trucks. I know he raced many races with Bearfoot racer, but did he ever race Taurus #3...
  7. D

    driving experence other option question.

    I know most would like to drive a race truck but what do you think of having a chance to drive a ride truck. Something I have been considering doing if possable was to have a Draw at events where you pay $5 to enter a draw and one person at the end of the day gets to drive the ride truck for...
  8. Daniel G

    Question about Brass tube

    Probably a dumb question but I would like to know witch "glue" you use with brass tube when you custom build your model. :D
  9. Daniel G

    Question about promo model

    Just wondering what promo model mean exactly?? There is some ERTL promo models on ebay and I would like to know if these models are "real" model kit or more like a toy with the undercarriage screw on the cab. Is these model have complete motor? Is these models can be disassemble easily...
  10. Cal23

    Truck Related Rebel Pride Racing, Equalizer quick question

    With Mike Hawkins selling the old ragin rebel truck (old equalizer) is there a chance that a new truck is in the works? Just curious! Love the Team! thanks for your help guys!
  11. Steel Dragon

    Wheelbase Question

    I've always liked monster trucks with short wheelbases, and I was wondering, what's the shortest wheelbase a monster truck using standard 66' tires can have without risk of the tires rubbing? Would it be possible to make a full-size monster out of something like the Chevy Tracker I saw yesterday...
  12. T

    WF XII Question

    I was wondering if any of you that had double down packages got your poster they were sending during the summer? I recieved my DVD but no poster,,,if you did get it can you send a picture, I was looking forward to getting it and having it signed. Thanks ahead of time!! Rich
  13. jwstrand

    YouTube Monsters Video Question....

    To those of you out there who know, there is this video, and in the video at 1:03 and 1:13, which monsters are these, what are their names and who owns them? Here is the video: ‪Lifted Trucks Vol. 3‬‏ - YouTube Can anyone tell me? Especially the Blue Chev with silver trim at...
  14. TN_Outllaw

    Old Hot Wheels Question

    So, I got to looking at some of my old HW trucks and found these, but I don't know how old they are. Can anyone help me Identify which series they're from? I know they're some of the early ones. As you can see they are all well worn, and Spidey will barely roll more than a partial inch. Sting...
  15. Danny H.

    2Xtreme question

    I was on Team 2Xtreme's website and saw they were going to be at Dixie Speedway. It lists Iron Outlaw and Bounty Hunter; my question is, does anyone know who will be driving them? It lists another Bounty Hunter at another event that weekend as well.
  16. Iwantamonstertruck

    Rockwell axle question

    I am looking at buying a 1974 F-600 4X4 and I am wondering the details about the front axle... The rear is a H-170 and I know that is a good axle but not real up on the front it is a FDS-75 6 lug... I am wondering how the FDS compairs to the 106s and if that is something to look into buying...
  17. XStatic Dallas

    Question for Steve (Black Widow)

    Are you still offering all the autographed photos and books you have listed on your site? If you are I'll be wanting 1 of each here in a couple weeks!!!
  18. T

    Battle of the Bigfoots question

    If anybody else has the VHS "Battle of the Bigfoots" look closely at the front cover. It appear that the truck on the front which is either early Bigfoot #1 or 2 (I think 2 but my copy is faded enough that I can't see the winch) you will see front links and airbags. This is the only pic I've...
  19. T

    Early Bigfoot question / observation

    Look at this pic: I never had realized that Bigfoot had the contractor's bed at one time. If you look closely at the Bigfoot truck artwork in front of the right rear wheel, you can see the door. Never knew that and I wonder if it...
  20. D

    Avenger in cab question.

    On the in cab camera ( I hate watching those during a run cause you miss what the truck is doing ) it showed somethig in the truck that looked like some kinf of a crank. Any idea what it was for?