1. monstermaiden

    Couple Questions

    Has FELD made it official about the no planetary rule? What is the average gear ration at the wheel? I have a set of 10 ton axles with a 5.63-1 ratio and was wondering how they would work,
  2. B

    Stomper Bully questions

    Does anyone know if someone out there makes a reproduction sticker kit for the Stomper Bully??? Also anyone out there have any Bully parts trucks they want to get rid of??? One last question it looks like a little PTO drive on the front of the Bully, did these trucks come with a winch or some...
  3. R.R.I

    playin 4 keeps questions.

    Alright I had a few questions about p4k I have been going through archives an seen a few things. In one thread a promoter posted in 2008 the one of the p4k was found somewhere in Maine on the side of the road an was it bad shape nothing ever was mentioned really after that did anyone ever find...
  4. T

    Couple more very early Bigfoot questions

    First, did Bob trade the 67 in on the 74 or did he own both for a period? Second, how long did Bigfoot #1 run after #2 was built, but before being upgraded to the 5 ton package with just leafs? Kyle? Tim
  5. Bad Dude

    King of the Road questions

    Lately, I've been mulling over this one monster rig called King of the Road. You may or may not have seen it, it's a 1986 Peterbilt once owned by Don Buchholtz of Wyoming, Iowa. Now, my questions are: 1. Where were the fuel tanks on this rig? The stock fuel tanks appeared to have been...
  6. H

    RC newbie with questions

    Hi guys, been lurking here for a while, and now want to get into RC monsters so I thought I'd ask you guys some questions since there doesn't seem to be any locals. (Although if anyone knows of local clubs in the SW Washington or Portland, OR area I'd love to know about it) For my first truck...
  7. Bad Dude

    King Krunch questions

    A couple questions about King Krunch: 1. I saw a 1973-80 Blazer on 48's with the King Krunch name. Did this become the '84 Blazer with the 66's or were those two different trucks? 2. Did King Krunch II (the one that was on Monster Mania) become the original Coors Brewser or were those also...
  8. T

    New chassis questions

    Okay, I'm kinda getting back into the new monster trucks so can somebody give me the rundown on the new chassis designs? I've done some research and what is this "cheater chassis"? Is it the Feld design - which is what I assume Digger #19 pioneered, or is it this new chassis made in...
  9. R

    Couple of Bearfoot questions.

    We know that Bearfoot 3 was turned into Mr. Bad and then turned into a street truck again. What happened to the frame and chassis from Bearfoot 3? Also, does anyone know what happened to Bearfoot 5? Dennis has a picture of it as Miller Monster but after that I cant find what happened to it. Just...
  10. K

    A couple of Bigfoot questions.

    I have 2 Bigfoot questions I've been wondering about. I see a Bigfoot truck in some of the older USHRA footage, the truck doesn't have a noticable roll bar set in the back and has the Camel Mud and Monster logo on the windshield. Which truck is this? I know its not number 8, because it is...
  11. E

    Questions about feld?

    I noticed on monster jams schedule he is running monster mutt rottwieler. Is that his truck with a different body on it or does he have a feld chassis? Also I noticed that Rick Swanson is driving backwards bob in Anaheim. Is that his truck with the backwards bob body on it? My other and last...
  12. B

    Couple of TNT questions

    1: Is there a comprehensive list somewhere online of all televised ESPN/Trucks & Tractor Power/Tuff Trax/Misc shows? 2: What were the weekly/year end purses like for these events?
  13. S

    1994 Pontiac Silverdome Show Questions

    If Monster Wars wasn't on the air in 1994, then does anyone know who won the show that is seen on disc 1 of "The History of MTs @ the Pontiac Silverdome? This is what we see on the DVD: Bearfoot defeated Executioner Taurus defeated Monster Patrol Excaliber defeated Moving Violation...
  14. XStatic Dallas

    A few questions about something thats been buggin me..

    Hey all, I know I's me with my silly questions again. In the last thread I made I was told that Paul Shafer is no longer interested in Monster Truckin. Which sucks...however this may be an oppurtunity. One I can not afford but that's what brings me to this new thread. Obviously...
  15. T

    Couple Digger questions

    I've been away for a while so maybe you guys can feel me in on a few things. - How was #15 damaged so bad that it had to be retired? - What's the current driver lineup? Later. Tim
  16. J

    Honesdale PA Roll Call and Questions

    The shows are on Thursday August 12th and Saturday August 14th. It is at the Wayne County Fair. The lineup is Cult Energy, Ground Pounder, Tow Mater, Storm Damage, Keystone Krusher, Bad Habit, Big Foot and a new Diesel Turbo truck Air Dog. It is a KSR event. I am thinking about attending the...
  17. Steven

    MontherMayhem Questions for Robby Gordon

    Sorry for not being able to get this up sooner. My internet connection has been up and down like a yo-yo. After reveiwing all the questions I have finally narrowed them down. This was no simple task as each and everyone was a valid quesiton that I am sure everyone would like to know the answer...
  18. N

    World Finals Qualifying questions.

    How long does it generally last? How exactly does it work? Does each truck make passes in both lanes or just one, or multiple passes in both?
  19. F

    A couple of Technical/Mechanical questions

    Alright, I've got a few technical questions that I have been wondering about since I've built my Clodbuster and wonder how the real trucks get it done. 1) How does the steering work? Like how it translated from the wheel/joystick to the wheels. I see some trucks with obvious tie-rods, but I...
  20. N

    Questions For The More Knoledgable.

    Questions For The More Knoledgable. (more questions) Just joined not to long ago, and up until then the only things I knew about Monster Trucks were the few things I had learned when I was a kid, and what I had seen on Monster Jam on Speed channel (which I started watching in 06). Naturally I...