1. R.R.I

    How many Mud Racers were turned into Monster Trucks??

    So how many old school mud drag racers made a Monster truck that was related to there mud truck??? Was Unnamed & Untamed the only one???
  2. American Ride

    Quad Racers needed for Knoxville,TN. show

    TNT Monsters is looking for quad racers to race flat track style at our Jan.8 & 9 show in Knoxville,TN. All makes, models and riders are encouraged to enter our flat track quad racing which is a part of the Steel Thunder Tour stop in Knoxville,TN. Here is a chance for quad racers to be in front...
  3. #75race

    Favorite Mud Racers

    I've been watching a lot of old mud racing episodes from the classic show Trucks & Tractor Power, courtesy of http://www.usamudracing.com/. It has prompted me to make this thread. So, what are some of your favorite mud racing cars/drivers? Here's a select few of mine: Tatar - Ron Pense Mud...