1. A

    For Sale marchon monster truck racing set Bigfoot snake bite slot car set. Trucks new in bags

    I have the rare marchon mr-1 monster truck racing slot car set. The box is sun faded scratched bent, bumped some tearing on open end flap. The set itself is brand new mint. The origal power supply in the faded box, all track pieces, uncreased undamaged cardboard display board, The trucks...
  2. L

    Is This a really Rare Monster Truck Toy??

    I saw this on ebay, and can't find much about it. Is it rare? Does anyone know when it is from?? Thanks.
  3. M

    A Rare Racing Defeat for Bounty Hunter

    Shelley beats Creten two years in a row! You go girl!YouTube - Shell-Camino vs. Bounty Hunter
  4. MT90'sFan

    Rare Old School Monsters

    I thought I'd make this post And share let everyone some stories about seeing rare monsters that they seen over the years at shows. I know there are some monsters that were just temporary and went under different names. For Me I've seen Monsters Such As The WWF Monster Trucks Like Shawn Micheals...
  5. B

    Bigfoot rare find on ebay that i own

    Hey anyone know just how rare this is? i plan to but it next to my bigfoot 5000th show poster!!! thanks!!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220597094979&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
  6. HeartbeatFan

    Can't believe I was the only bidder on this Rare Matchbox Super Charger

    Can't believe no one else seen this rare truck on ebay. I had never seen any others ever like this one. It will make a nice edition to Richard Scott's collection :D. All joking aside, I didn't plan on having this truck that long from Rich, and I truly apologize for taking...
  7. MTFan10

    Radica Play-TV Monster Truck Rare?????

    has anyone ever seen one of these? i got one at a yard sale for $5.00. was it worth it. is it rare?
  8. BiteMeStudios

    Bigfoot 5: A Rare Sight...

    Taken tonight, May 26, 2009, at Midwest Four Wheel Drive...