1. Griff747

    Off-Topic Carolina Crusher in The Red Green Show?

    Hello, Mayhemers. Most of you Canadians might remember the show "The Red Green Show". I remember the first few seasons in the intro, they had what looks like Carolina Crusher coming out of a shed slowly. Did they ever do an episode of the Carolina Crusher? The closest thing to a Monster Truck on...
  2. Mrgrimmonster

    little red wagon pull truck :cool:
  3. Mrgrimmonster

    red grave digger hot wheels

    just got the red grave digger from walmart and it looks awesome
  4. RnW 13

    What do you think Red Bull will do this year for New Years?

    Been watching the videos of years past Red Bull No Limits New Years Stunts, kind of curious what might be in the works for this year. Anyone got any ideas?
  5. jeb134

    Red Bluff 2010

    Was doing some searching and found this: Tom Meents and Pablo in Digger returning this year :eek: Solid 10 truck lineup, this show and Vegas are the highlights of my year, I'm definitely looking forward to it!!!
  6. D

    Medicine hat and Red Deer Ad's

    YouTube- Monster Spectacular @ Medicine Hat Arena YouTube- Monster Spectacular @ Medicine Hat Arena
  7. G

    red and whit truck

    what is the red and wight toyota in crush this
  8. jeb134

    MLMT Red Bluff 2009

    What a lineup! Bigfoot-Rick Long Snake Bite-The original 'Ricky Rattler' Dan Runte! Bounty Hunter-Darren Migues Iron Outlaw-Joe Miller King Krunch-David Smith El Matador-Darron Basl The Patriot-Dan Rodoni Tropical Thunder-Andrew Peckham Excaliber-Kristy Edge Shock Therapy-Jon Zimmer...
  9. E

    2009 Red Bluff

    Is this event still going on? I read some posts on a local blog that said there may have been some discrepancies between the city council the promotor and the show may not happen. Has anyone heard anything regarding this? If it's still on where can I buy tickets? Thanks!
  10. American Ride

    Bumble bee at red river valley fair july 10-18

    Get ready West Fargo North Dakota for the Biggest and Baddest ride to hit the Red River Valley Fair! The Bumble Bee Monster Truck Ride Truck will be providing rides during the fair July 10-18 Come ride a piece of history the original Terraduster monster truck chassis still crushing cars and...
  11. G

    Red snake bite vs. 93ish BF

    i was surfing good old youtube and came across some vintage sanke bite and bigfoot video. the early days of the red snake bite and BF with the red and yellow stripes. it got me thinking, though its a longshot, now that the deal with ford is over, why not have a old school body run for BF at one...
  12. gmtgmt

    Truck Related Red iron and another Canadian truck

    i have allways loved this truck since i first saw it on tafts page as its build like i want my truck to look simpel and clean but does anyone know if its still around and maby have some more pictures of it all so does anyone know what happend to...
  13. jeb134

    2008 MLMT Red Bluff

    Just wanted to give a quick update from Red Bluff. We just got back to the hotel after tonight's show. From everything we've heard, last night was a total mess, it rained and there was lots of mud and in the end, Jimmy Creten won both racing and freestyle. This morning, while moving...
  14. D

    MLMT Returning

    According to MLMT's website, they will be returning to Red Bluff, Klamath Falls, and Redmond later this year. 10.3-5.08 11th Annual West Coast Monster Truck Nationals 10.31-11.2.08 8th Annual Southern Oregon Monster Truck Madness 11.7-9.08 8th Annual Central Oregon Monster Truck Fall...