1. #75race

    Outlaw MT Spectacular returns to Victorville, CA Sept. 9-10

    This show is just around the corner, and this time they're bringing back Bounty Hunter and Iron Outlaw to Victorville Raceway Park for 2 shows, Sept. 9th and 10th. Also on the bill is the Dr. Danger stunt show, plus your regular tuff trucks and mud bogs, and as always the awesome "Raging...
  2. R.R.I

    Hot stuff returns home to washington.

    Well after weeks of trying not to let the cat out of the bag. Its offical she's back at home in Washington. I just got her unloaded an am now the proud new owner. The restoration begins this week oh an lets just say the orgional owner will be involved in the restoration soon to come...
  3. USA1Lives

    Truck Related Towasaurus Wrex Returns January 2011

    For those that haven't heard just wanted to let everyone know that Towasaurus Wrex will return in January. Jeff will have the Towasaurus Wrex name and body on the new truck. Promoters, as your finishing up your 1st quarter bookings give Jeff a call. The new truck is ready to go. If you...
  4. American Ride

    A.P.Motorsports returns to South America

    Round 2 for the Monster Truck War Tour 2010 to invade Santiago,Chili this Sunday August 8, 2010 with two big shows! 12 noon and 6pm shows at the Movistar Arena featuring the Superstars of the Monster Truck War Tour Monster Patrol, Godzilla, Sin City Crusher, Grim Reaper and Burning Money along...
  5. Bodacious

    Pontiac SilverDome

    I heard that Monster Jam was bringing there selves Cincinnati and Phillie. On March 13 this year at the Silver Dome just bought. They are going to have Sand Draging so maybe if we email monster jam maybe they will bring back! So reply and send emails to [email protected] TO BRING...