1. TN_Outllaw

    Hot Wheels going to make old school trucks in 2012?

    I'm passing this on from Monster truck collectors. If you didn't know, Hot Wheels is going to make old school style trucks in 2012! So far they've posted photos of a 70's+ ford, a 88 Chevy as well as it's preceding body style. If you look at the...
  2. Trent

    old school tractor pullers

    old school tractor pullers
  3. Griff747

    Old School Trucks in Canada

    I've heard that a few of the famous trucks are rusting away here in Canada like the Am/Pm Boss (where is it NOW?? :Crying:). I've also heard about Son of Goliath and Top Gun in Quebec, Canada. Is there anymore trucks in Canada?? :confused:
  4. MCMsports

    old school hat i found

    Old school hat i found with my other MT stuff i do have pics but i cant upload them dky, its for sale or will go to the hall of fame. Email if interested for pics buy pays shipping Drivers who signed it Dan Runte Eric Tack Bob Chandler Fred Shafer Pam Vaters Doc Reily Army Armstrong...
  5. tonka tester

    new old school

    just figured i throw out a few recent pics of what im workin on... the stepside bed is coming off for a fleetside longbed and triple bar light bar... and the metal front fenders and hood are coming off for the fiberglass tilt forward doghouse i have hope to have...
  6. G

    MustRead Gas Guzzy 2011 Old School Monster Truck Fall Event

    It's the Return of the Fall 2011 Gas Guzzy Show. The beautiful new location, Defiance County Fair Grounds, 530 South Main Street, Hicksville, OH 43526. Only 15 miles east of Auburn, Indiana. Gates open at 10am, Show n Shine starts at Noon, Lawn Mower Racing starts at 1pm and Mud Bogs, Obstacle...

    Old school mod pulling tractor t shirts

    Just seen that the ntpa has some sweet arfons and banter t shirts for sale
  8. MonsterNerd1986

    Info Gas Guzzy Old School on Tour 2011

    For those who missed Spring Gas Guzzy, Jeff Cook will be hitting the road this month, with Shotgun Harry, the Hawk, High Horse (Eric Howe) Nightcrawler (Andy Hoffman) Thanks Jeff for keeping the 1980s ALIVE!! Im looking forward to this! Up coming shows: Old School Thrill Show at St. Joseph...
  9. M

    Charlotte back to school bash

    Does anyone have the line up for this show on August 13th? I am in GA and I am considering going to this show but info is hard to come by Thanks in Advance -
  10. Highchaparall

    Old School Road Trip, Where to go?

    Hello Everybody! I've Finished my Studies as a Graphic Designer in Sweden and are now planning a Road Trip with some friends in USA this fall. There is ofcourse a lot of things we want to see during these three weeks, but atleast myself want to check out some Old School Monster Trucks while...
  11. Trent

    old school vs new school pulling trucks

    school vs new school pulling trucks
  12. Richard Scott

    Found an Old school looking truck in Puerto Rico

    By the look of the classified ad it was in, it appears this thing was for sale around 2008. This is the second Puerto Rican monster truck I have seen. The other is a Orange-ish red Ford Superduty.
  13. isonater911

    Caption This: Old School Edition v3

    Glenn had to ham it up in front of the camera yesterday when we drove Cajun King out of the shop on the 66's for the first time in 25 years. "I can see Russia from my monster truck"
  14. MTFan10

    another possible Old school truck??
  15. RobBeer

    Old School Sighting

    Found this sighting in a Knight Rider clip. Didn't know if anyone knew which truck it may be. You can see it in the background at 48 seconds. Looks like it could be Ice Monster w/ the black out headlights but that's my only guess. YouTube - Knight Rider's KITT vs KITT on the Templin...
  16. ChromeThunder

    Caption This: Old School Edition V2!

    Found on the Blog's FB.
  17. EdCFP

    Devin Jones and Barbarian go to School

    Check out the story about Devin Jones in Poctello - Devin is probably one of the nicest guys in Monster Trucks and his faith and the way he lives is unquestionalbe and for him to get involved in the CFP Make a Wish event at the Grand Nationals this week in Idaho was a perfect match. Read...
  18. gmtgmt

    Your Old School Monster Truck

    if you where to build a old school type of monster truck what would you build?
  19. EdCFP

    CFP sends BIGFOOT to School!!/photo.php?fbid=1651380846769&set=a.1651379526736.2081843.1304441904&theater Once again and they said it could not be done. Two days ago we did not have a Make a wish kid lined up and nothing was we saw what we can do here in this office...